Eye yoga: here is the technique that helps improve eyesight naturally and without glasses!

In recent years, we have become accustomed to using computers and telephones. Thanks to the rapid evolution of technology, we have at our disposal great means of information, entertainment and a fantastic opportunity that allows us to connect with others and express ourselves. However, this technology also has drawbacks. Not only do our concentration levels drop quickly and surely because we get used to instant gratification… Our eyesight is also affected. Staring at a screen can make your eyes dry and tired. And then, you may even have to buy glasses. Even if your eyes aren’t affected, since your job is completely different, you can still have eye problems. We are here today to tell you about this new trend that is making the rounds of the Internet: eye yoga! Is it effective? How to practice it? Will it save your sight? Let’s tackle these questions one by one!

Scroll TikTok and instagram may seem fun. Although, it creates a certain dependency. Not only he shortens your memory and gives you concentration problems, but it also greatly damages your eyesight. We are not saying that you should do against the use of your phone or your computer! However, if you are forced to stare at a screen all day or if you have a social media addiction and therefore cannot function without them… You have to help your eyesight! Whether buying special glasses for the screen, consulting a doctor, using eye drops and doing eye gymnastics, you need to take care of your eyes. If your budget is tight and buying special eyeglasses seems unlikely, yoga exercises for the eyes come in handy! Here’s everything you need to know about them!

Does it work ?

eye exercises to improve eyesight

Eye yoga involves focusing on near or far objects. It also involves moving the eyes left up, right and down. Performing small, purposeful movements calms your body, which helps you deal with anxiety and the stresshypertension and headache. Also, practicing concentration can help improve your brain’s response – it becomes more attentive to what you see. Moreover, many studies have been carried out. Is it just a trend with no real effect? Well, the results are both positive and negative! Here’s the gist:

  • Eye yoga does not work for nearsighted people. On the other hand, the results are more positive for hyperopes.
  • It does not prevent glaucoma, but it does lower intraocular pressure, which slows it down.
  • Restores eye strength.
  • Makes the eyes less tired.

We’re not claiming that eye yoga will fix your eyesight. Each body reacts differently. If you have vision problems and are worried, contact a professional!

eye yoga tutorial

yoga des yeux

Here is a simplified image of the eye gymnastics you could do. We have prepared a nice and very instructive video by Virginie Reiffsteck, which shows you how and why to do eye yoga exercises!

We hope this video was helpful and helps you in some way, no matter how small!

grandmother's remedy to improve eyesight

There are a few effective ways to protect your eyesight and avoid wearing glasses. Or at least slow the process down.

  • If you have dry eyes, eye drops will save your life.
  • Take a screen break every 20 minutes to keep your eyes relaxed and hydrated.
  • Look far away and don’t just focus on nearby objects.
  • Don’t forget to blink!
  • Get the sun throughout the day (research has shown that sunlight slows myopia).
  • Adopt a balanced diet, rich in vegetables and vitamins.
  • Install on your computer an application called Flowwhich reduces blue light on your screen.

For our English-speaking readers, here is a comprehensive and informative podcast episode on eye health:

We hope this article was helpful enough for you!

eye gymnastics eye strain


Did you know that the first visual aid was invented around the year 1000?

eye yoga eye strain

Glasses date back to Italy around 1280!

how to improve your eyesight

Did you know that your eyes can distinguish 10 million different colors?

eye yoga benefits

See an eye doctor if you’re worried about your eyesight.

how to improve your eyesight without glasses

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Eye yoga: here is the technique that helps improve eyesight naturally and without glasses!

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