Léna Situations: the influencer victim of a scam on her return to Los Angeles? – Here is

Léna Situations has just taken an icy shower. The influencer returned to Los Angeles on June 7, and discovered that her apartment had just been rented to someone else. A scam that she hastened to tell on Instagram.

Los Angeles, she dreamed of it, she did it! On Sunday April 10, Léna Situations announced to her community that she had left Paris to settle on the other side of the Atlantic. More precisely in the city of angels, where she intends to live for three months. Inevitably, everyone wondered if the darling of Seb la Frite was going to manage to hold out for so long away from home. A thought that obviously crossed his mind. “We’ll see what happens next, I might call my mom in 2 weeks and tell her ‘I’m going home’ or never come back again? I can’t wait to start this new chapter“, she exclaimed in stride. And this American-style start to life was rather marvelous for Léna Situations, since she was invited by Anna Wintour in person at the Met Gala ceremony on May 3.

Suffice to say that her American dream, Léna Mahfouf lives it thoroughly. But upheaval, the young woman returned to France last May. Not because she couldn’t stand Los Angeles anymore, quite the contrary. But because she had to be present at the Cannes film festival ! On Instagram, Léna Situations obviously took care to bring the backstage of the Festival to life for her subscribers. She even found her great friend Nabilla Benattia at the amfAR gala, May 26 at the Hotel du Cap Eden-Roc in Antibes. The influencer then returned to Paris, before packing her bags for Los Angeles.

Léna Situations, victim of a real estate scam

And this Tuesday, June 7, the young woman finally gave her news after her long journey. Except that this return to the country of Uncle Sam is rather gloomy for Marcus’ best friend. “I have terrible news for you, you will never see the lemon tree again. Simply because the owner of the apartment, during my absencerented it to someone else while I still have the keys, and my stuff is still in that apartment. And it was planned that I return to this apartment“, said Léna Situations. When she set foot at the Los Angeles airport, the young woman called the owner to warn him of her arrival.

The latter, who had visibly forgotten its existence, explained that he had rented the property to someone else because that person could pay for an additional week. “I’m all alone in Los AngelesI know a person but we are not close enough for me to squat at their place… So I went to the hotel”, she explained. Fortunately, the story ends well for Léna Situations, who managed to find a new apartment in record time. In addition, this accommodation “is much better” than the previous one. All’s well That ends well !

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Léna Situations: the influencer victim of a scam on her return to Los Angeles? – Here is

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