Detox: three yoga exercises to eliminate toxins

the detox yogaallows the elimination of toxins from the body, these toxic substances for the body due to stress, food, drugs or even external pollutants. The body has five emunctory organs, these organs intended for the elimination of waste: the kidneys, the skin, the liver, the lungs and the intestines. It is therefore by acting on these organs that the elimination of toxins will be possible. ” The yoga practice via certain postures and certain breathing techniques will be very beneficial on the digestive, endocrine and lymphatic systems, the systems linked to the elimination of waste in the body, explains Sandrine Bridoux, yoga teacher, @Frenchyyogagirl on Instagram, contacted by Medisite . ” The practice of yoga stimulates the emunctory organs, activates the digestive system, boosts the metabolism or even cleanses the respiratory tract, via certain breathing techniques such as pranayama. “, develops the specialist.

Detox poses, how do they work? ” Detox postures are so-called twisting exercises. These stimulate all the organs of the abdomen, boost blood circulation and promote the renewal of blood in the organs, which allows thedetox effect. These exercises provide abdominal massage, regenerate the adrenal glands, kidneys and intestines “, adds Sandrine Bridoux. In addition, after a detox yoga session, you feel relaxed and peaceful.

What detox yoga exercises to practice at home?

Here are three simple exercises to do at home, offered by our expert:

The knee-chest posture or posture of the release of the winds

The knee-chest posture or posture of the release of the winds© Adobe Stock

To perform this exercise, you must lie on your back on your mat, bring your knees towards your chest, then hold the position for several minutes, breathing well through your stomach and making slight rocking movements, from right to left and back and forth. Then, we extend the left leg on the ground, we bring the right leg to the chest and we stay in this position in order to stimulate the organs of assimilation – the liver, stomach. We then change sides to, this time, work and stimulate the intestines and their elimination property. ” This exercise boosts circulation, boosts transit, eliminates toxins and gas “, notes Sandrine Bridoux.

Cow cat posture

Cow cat posture© Adobe Stock

In order to take advantage of the benefits of this exercise, position yourself on all fours on the mat, hands well aligned under the shoulders, knees well aligned under the hips. On the inspiration, always by the nose, one opens the shoulders, by digging the back and by bringing the shoulder blades closer to open the rib cage well. This allows you to arch your back, stretch your upper body, from the top of the head to the tip of the coccyx, with your gaze turned upwards. On the exhale, you have to round your back starting with the lower back, looking this time towards the ground, the head well relaxed and pushing well on the points of support, particularly in the arms to open the shoulder blades. “I recommend doing this exercise five to ten times. This posture operates a massage alternating compression and deep stretching of the internal organs, in particular the intestine, to free up space and boost circulation. “says Sandrine Bridoux.

The seated twist

The seated twist© Adobe Stock

It’s about sitting on the buttocks both legs stretched, to bend the right leg by bringing the right foot on the ground above the left leg, at the level of the knee, by wedging the left elbow against the right knee and by placing the right hand flat on the floor. It is important to perform this exercise with your back straight and tall, with your shoulders relaxed.
To simplify the movement, you can also perform this posture but in the elongated version : the two knees to the chest, we open the arms in a cross, we drop the knees on the right side, and we turn the head on the left side, shoulders well maintained on the ground. “Whether lying down or sitting, I recommend doing three to five breathing cycles on each side. The seated twist stimulates blood circulation in the digestive organs, intestines, livers, pancreas, while massaging deeply “says the professional.

When should these exercises be practiced to optimize their detox effect on the body?

I recommend practicing detox yoga in the morning on an empty stomach., in any case several hours after or before a meal. If we follow these exercises in a fairly dynamic way, this will make it possible to accelerate the heart rate, which will further stimulate blood circulation, relaunch the metabolism and will help further detoxify the body. In addition, the fact of sweating will accentuate the detox effect of the internal spin brought by the exercises. However, the gentle method, at the end of the day for example, will allow relax, recharge after work while obtaining a detox effect “, advises Sandrine Bridoux. It’s up to you, depending on your condition and your needs.

These detox yoga sessions can be performed before and after a excess rich eventlike a weekend with friends or the end of year celebrations.

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Detox: three yoga exercises to eliminate toxins

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