Detox: three yoga exercises to eliminate toxins

the detox yogaallows the elimination of toxins from the body, these toxic substances for the body due to stress, food, drugs or even external pollutants. The body has five emunctory organs, these organs intended for the elimination of waste: the kidneys, the skin, the liver, the lungs and the intestines. It is therefore by acting … Read more

Weeding – Puy-de-Dôme communities adapt to eliminate phytosanitary products

Weeding Puy de Dome communities adapt to eliminate phytosanitary products

An interministerial decree of January 15, 2021 supplemented the Labbé law which, since 2017, has prohibited chemical phytosanitary products on roads, green spaces and walking areas: on July 1, their use will also be prohibited in private properties. , places frequented by the public and in places for collective use. It is also impossible to … Read more