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The first boutique hotel in the Cycladic Islands exclusively dedicated to yoga retreats will open its doors in July 2022.

A natural paradise, a veritable oasis of serenity, set amongst rolling hills that descend to Psathi Beach, Kea Retreat is as much a spiritual retreat as it is a celebration of the natural landscape and cultural heritage of Kea Island. Based on the values ​​of slow living and sustainable development, Kea Retreat offers its guests holistic, immersive, and all-inclusive yoga retreats. The stays combine, in an elegant and traditional setting, the expertise of Greek and international specialists with culinary offerings ranging from farm to table.

Kea Retreat is the ambitious project of Israeli restaurateur Zviki Eshet and his wife Anat, who decided to combine their search for meaning and healing with their passion for Greek culture. From design to daily chores, Kea Retreat is truly a family affair. Yoni, the couple’s son, is the hotel’s director of operations, while his brother Uriel, an accomplished Michelin-star chef, is in charge of the kitchen and the farm with Anat, a therapist specializing in psychotherapy. body-centered, providing expertise and support in healing and therapy work.

architecture and design

Architecture and design are an integral part of the Kea Retreat experience. Blending seamlessly into the rocky landscape, a series of stone structures dating back over 400 years (a traditional type of Cycladic farmhouse known as ‘ kathikies ”) have been transformed into minimalist but elegant rooms, with sea views, private verandas and outdoor showers. A palette of earth tones and natural materials give the rooms a calm and warm character. Works by local artisans furnish the rooms with custom pieces, specially designed for Kea Retreat. Every detail has been carefully thought out and chosen to give each room its unique character.


Varying from week to week, the retreats are designed to allow clients to rediscover their inner voice and reconnect with nature, as well as to unite them in a celebration of life. A typical week consists of yoga, meditation and dance, as well as alternative activities to connect with nature, such as hiking ancient trails through the island’s pristine farmlands, visiting the former capital of Kea, and a kayak trip to more secluded sandy beaches.

Renowned Greek and international yoga teachers, each with their own healing approach, offer guests the opportunity to choose the retreat that best suits their needs, expectations and personality. From Vinyasa, Kundalini and Yin Yoga, sound baths, hypnotherapy and therapeutic breathing, Ayurveda, healing mandalas, sun salutation, fire ceremonies to sharing circles under the stars, the proposed range of transformational practices allows a hand-crafted program for unique retreats.

Unique experience

What makes the Kea Retreat experience unique is the subtle balance between physical and spiritual fulfillment that reflects the family’s philosophy of life. Succinctly described as the encounter between Zorba and Buddha, the retreat aims to nurture body and mind through yoga, meditation and healing practices, as well as good food, good company and fun. In addition to daily yoga and meditation sessions, the property has many nooks and secluded spots, including a private beach, which offer ample opportunity for contemplation and reflection, as well as opportunities for communal meals, lively evenings and impromptu Greek parties with stunning sea views.

Kea Retreat was inspired by Zviki and Anat’s love for Greek culture. You will therefore have the opportunity to experience lively conversations around Uriel’s homemade dishes and glasses of retsina, dance and song to the sound of the bouzouki, played by local musicians, and gaze at the stars while sipping Tsipouro ( local brandy). In other words, unlike the typical yoga retreat ascetic approach, Kea Retreat is the place to rest, recharge, and evolve while savoring the earthly delights of Kea.


Led by Uriel Eshet, Kea Retreat’s kitchen reflects the project’s principles of slow-living and respecting nature. Drawing on his experience in many Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe and the United States (including Noma, with 3 Michelin stars, in Copenhagen), Uriel Eshet combines innovative techniques with a “farm-to-table” philosophy, offering Guests receive dishes made exclusively from local, seasonal produce, much of which comes from the property’s olive groves, orchards, vegetable gardens, herb gardens, and vineyards.

Uriel’s cuisine is not limited to national cuisine, but rather aims to provide customers with unique, tasty and unexpected culinary experiences.

Kea Island

An hour by ferry from mainland Greece, Kea stands out for its untouched nature and rich local culture. Combining rugged rocky slopes and secluded sandy coves with oak forests and olive groves, the island’s natural setting is enhanced by the beauty of quaint villages, stone farmhouses and ancient ruins that dot the landscape. Pretty, understated and imbued with a sense of balance, Kea is a sanctuary of relaxation.

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Opening of Kea Retreat, the 1st boutique hotel in the Cycladic islands dedicated to yoga retreats – TendanceHotellerie

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