7 ways to recover faster from a breakup

A breakup can be such an emotional torment that it can seem unsurpassable. And yet, as the professor of yoga British Jen Landesberg, it can not only be surmountable, but can also be a favorable moment for (re)discovering oneself. The secret lies in a few rituals welfare to be put in place as soon as possible after the breakup, which she details in her last post instagram. ”Sharing my personal life has always been a little taboo for me, but I’m starting to learn that when something is taboo, it should be done. Not just because it takes me out of my comfort zone, but because I know many of you are heartbroken and I want you to know that you are not alone. And I hope I can help you by sharing my own experience and how I healed.”, she introduces before delivering, with an open heart, the key stages of her post-breakup reconstruction.

7 steps to get over a breakup

1.Yoga, meditation, breathwork…

“I don’t know if I would still be on my feet without turning to my toolbox of methods that help me reconnect, calm, physically/emotionally release and shift energy. I recommend them to you guided meditations Joe Dispenza. Keeping a diary also helped me not to ruminate and not think too much, because once on paper, I had the impression that everything was settled. It made me aware of what was happening below the surface.”

2. Allow yourself to cry (all the tears in your body)

“You don’t have to be strong. Crying is not a sign of weakness, it’s quite the opposite. Having the courage to be vulnerable with yourself and with others has been an invaluable lesson for me. It helped me connect with my femininity and break down those strong, high walls I had built to protect myself over the years. Crying is medicine, it is liberation. It’s a way to let out the pain you’ve been bottling up.”

3. Travel solo

“The solo trip I took through the Mexico and the United States changed my life. He showed me how capable I could be of doing it on my own. He taught me that once you learn to be comfortable in your own skin, in your own mind… Freedom awaits you at the end of the road. That’s when I became my own best friend.”

4. Spend time with the people you love

“Once again I wouldn’t be standing without my family and friends who loved me unconditionally and were there for me through the dark days. Letting others help me and being vulnerable enough to share in safe spaces has been and remains invaluable to me.”

5. Read

“The three books who have been game changers for me have been “untamed” of Glennon DoyleNew Earth – Become aware of your life mission”, ofEckhart TolleYou are a goddess: Working with the Sacred Feminine to Awaken, Heal and Transform” of Sophie Bashford.

6. Overcome the fears that held you back

The idea here? Taking on new challenges, surpassing oneself, getting out of one’s comfort zone… Like testing a new sports discipline as climbing for example. Everything is allowed, you have more time for yourself! It’s time to (re)discover yourself and feel stronger.

7. Reconnect to your femininity

Take pleasure in getting ready before a party, doing things that make us feel good, booking a care… In short, everything that reconnects us to our femininity and boosts the self-confidence.

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7 ways to recover faster from a breakup

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