France’s favorite show is…

It’s an amazing podium. When TF1 announced that it was going to reveal the 50 favorite shows of the French people, one would have expected that a big brand like Koh Lanta, The biggest cabaret in the world Where Top chef triumph. Well no, in the awards unveiled Friday evening, these programs rank 8th, 12th and 16th respectively.

This is Capital which finally sits in number 1. A plebiscite confirming to what extent the M6 ​​magazine devoted to the economy and consumption, launched in 1988 by Emmanuel Chain, is anchored in the audiovisual landscape and in the habits of the public. Purchasing power being the first concern of the French, it is all in all logical that this meeting attached to economic popularization ranks first.

“Thalassa” and “Apartment search…” in the Top 5

Meeting in unknown land (France 2) and The horns of info (broadcast until 2018 on Canal +) complete the Top 3. Thalassa (France 3) and Search apartment or house (M6) climbed into the Top 5.

When we look more closely at the results of this survey carried out by Harris Interactive among 1,500 people aged 15 and over representative of the population, we note the very strong appetite for programs promising escape, a change of scenery and discovery. . In addition to the good places of Meeting in unknown land and Thalassalet us quote the sixth position ofClose call (France 5) and the tenth ofUshuaia (broadcast on TF1 until 2014). We could also add the eighth place of Koh Lanta and the twenty-eighth of Beijing Express (M6) because these adventure games know how to highlight the beauty of their natural settings, as well as the fifteenth of 50′ inside (TF1), which is regularly interested in heavenly destinations.

Looking at television genres, The 12 strokes of noon18th, is the highest ranked game. Daily (TMC), wins the battle of the evening talk shows: C to you (France 5) is 40th and Do not touch My TV (C8) does not appear in this Top 50. The Big Newspaper (27th) and Nowhere else (25th), two cult Canal+ programs dating back to the time when this channel still had its “spirit”, are well remembered. In contrast, Everybody talks about it and We are not in bedwho have long successfully accompanied night owls on France 2 on Saturdays, are not in this ranking.

The “Club Dorothée” is 33rd

If a list of more than one hundred programs having been broadcast over the last thirty years was submitted to the voters to establish this list, they tended to favor those which are still broadcast: three out of five are still on the air. Regarding the most cult of them, Intercitylaunched in 1962 by Guy Lux before crossing the decades in ellipses passing from TF1 to France 2 then to France 3, is 14th, and the Dorothee Club (TF1) 33rd. With heaven my tuesday and Hello it’s us (TF1), Christophe Dechavanne takes 29th and 30th places. Jean-Pierre Foucault, he can saber the champagne for the 20th position of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ? but not for Sacred Evening which one would have expected to find well ranked and which is not in the fifty most cited.

We imagined that the nostalgia effect would work for star Academy (TF1 / NRJ12) that the first channel is about to relaunch, but it has to settle for 43rd place – far behind The Voice, 7th. The ranking also shows that the public is not so fond of confinement reality TV. loft story (M6) and Secret Story (TF1) are absent subscribers here. No more traces of reality tv angels and others Marseilles in the area. Respondents favored programs feel good promising entertainment, benevolence and limited clashes.

The survey included annual events such as the election of Miss France or the Eurovision song contest: the only one that made its way to the top fifty places is the Enfoirés concert (TF1), starting at ninth place.

Finally, if TF1 does not rank any program in the top five, it is the channel with the most programs (20) that have been voted for by voters, ahead of France 2 and M6 (10 each), then Canal+ (4).

The top 25 unveiled Friday on TF1 is as follows:

25. Nowhere else

24. Let the accused enter

23. Taratata

22. France has an unbelievable talent

21. Daily

20. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ?

19. Kitchen nightmare

18. The 12 strokes of noon

17. Love is in the meadow

16. The biggest cabaret in the world

15. 50′ inside

14. Intercity

13. The best pastry chef

12. Top chef

11. Fort Boyard

10. Ushuaia

09. The Enfoirés concert

08. Koh Lanta

07. The Voice

06. Close call

05. Search apartment or house

04. Thalassa

03. The horns of info

02. Meeting in unknown land

01. Capital

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France’s favorite show is…

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