Carla Moreau and the witchcraft affair: isolation, weight loss, money at stake… the dark consequences

February 26, 2021 was a black day for Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj. The first of a long series. At that time broke the witchcraft scandal that shook the world of reality TV. Carla Moreau was accused of having appealed to a seer named Danae in order to harm her comrades in the Marseilles. Damning audios in which her voice was recognizable revealed that she wished them ill, as well as their childrenin order to achieve more success.

After a long silence, the 24-year-old young woman was invited to explain herself on the set of Do not touch My TV. If she admitted that it was indeed her voice in the audios, she confided that she had actually been the victim of blackmail and extortion from her clairvoyant. In the space of five years, she would have paid him 1.2 million euroswhile being forced to mystically attack her comrades.

The case naturally turned the life of Carla Moreau upside down as well as that of her fiancé Kevin Guedj with whom she has a child, little Ruby (2 years old). It was then isolated that they tried to save the furniture, in privacy. Very affected during this period, they then both displayed drastic weight loss. The first time she returned to her social networks, Carla Moreau appeared to be very thin. “I lost a lot of weight, I’m size 34 now, it’s been a very long time! I fit in size 34, I redid a complete wardrobe. I was really surprised but too happy! Despite bad stories, there can be positive things…“, she relativized. Same observation for Kevin, who had meanwhile shed ten kilos in just two weeks.

A controversy that hurts… the wallet!

The scandal also made them lose big… financially speaking! Indeed, by deserting the Web for ten days, Carla and Kevin have deprived themselves of product placements, which represented a shortfall. As we recall, in 2019, their agent Magali Berdah estimated that a post could bring in between 1,500 euros and 10,000 euros, or even more. At several posts a day, their earnings become dizzying.

Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj have nevertheless managed to bounce back … but alone. Because, following this scandal, there was no longer any question for them of reuniting with their families Marseilles. Thus, they made the difficult decision to quit the W9 program. It’s on the set of Do not touch My TV that the couple announced the news in June. “The question is quickly answered, not clearly, we decided to stop. It’s been seven years, Carla six, we met there, we did everything, we have a little girl now… I think for our own good, it’s the right thing to do. (…) I think it was time to leave, we are not going to lie to each other. We had great years, it was beautiful, but it was the right time“, explained Kevin.

The after witchcraft

Instead, they found refuge with the MyCanal group where they were able to become the stars of their own reality series, The Mif. For the occasion, they surrounded themselves with a whole new group of brothers, starting with the sulfurous Julien Guirado. As for the Marseilles, with the exception of Paga, Carla and Kevin are no longer in contact with the candidates. “Carla, she had become the person to be killed around us. They weren’t friends. It’s called a life lesson“, believed Kevin in their program. Carla Moreau also cut ties with the one who was her best friend, Maeva Ghennam. “At the moment, we don’t have a relationship. For my part, I am not at all at war with her. We took two turns, two different paths. We still follow each other on social media. But we don’t talk“, confided the blonde for Entertainment TV.

Note that the latest news, a judicial investigation had been opened with the Marseille police, which involved Carla Moreau and the clairvoyant Danae. The result is not yet known.

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Carla Moreau and the witchcraft affair: isolation, weight loss, money at stake… the dark consequences

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