Transphobia: no, a teacher was not sent to prison because he misgendered a student

Gender identity change does not stop at the school gate. In Ireland, an openly transphobic teacher denied a student’s gender identity and the school’s decision to respect it in the name of transphobic beliefs.

Gcontroversial thrashing in Ireland where a teacher refused to use genderless pronouns of a transitioning student. Enoch Burke taught for many years at the Wilson Hospital School, a religious boarding school in County Westmeath. Before the summer, the teacher refused to properly address one of her transgender students, using the pronoun “he” rather than “iel”report our colleagues from DailyMail. This name change, which was part of his gender affirmation process, had nevertheless been requested by the student and his parents as early as last May, a request which had been immediately accepted by the school, and which should therefore have been followed by the teachers. By refusing to properly address his student, Enoch Burke denied the request of the student and his family, and thereby violated the rules instituted by the establishment. Consequently, the teacher received an interim injunction temporarily relieving him of his duties and prohibiting him from physically appearing at Wilson Hospital School, pending the outcome of a “disciplinary procedure” sponsored by it.

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An openly transphobic defendant

A week ago, Enoch Burke, however, returned to his school, for the start of the school year, and showed up on campus. An act of rebellion that did not please the establishment, which has also initiated disciplinary proceedings against the professor. This Monday, September 5, Enoch Burke was therefore arrested and takennot for refusing to use non-gendered pronouns – contrary to what many media suggest – but because he broke a court order not to teach at his school in Westmeath, or to be physically present there, for a certain period of time.

That same day, during his appearance before the judge, the teacher pleaded his case: “I’m a teacher and I don’t want to go to jail. I want to be in my class today, that’s where I was this morning when I was arrested”, did he declare. Shocked by the situation and questioning the sentence applied, the person concerned then tried to justify his behavior : “Transgenderism is against my Christian faith. It is against scripture, against the ethos of the Church of Ireland and my school”said Enoch Burke.“I’m here today because I won’t call ‘a boy’ ‘a girl'”, he insisted, explicitly reaffirming his transphobic beliefs. The one who did not hesitate to publicly claim his transphobia comes from an evangelical Christian family known for its anti-LGBT + positions, openly opposed to abortion and homosexual marriage, notes the DailyMail. Judge Quinn, presiding over the case, said focus more on a potential “deliberate violation of a court order”rather than the beliefs of the defendant.

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Transphobia: no, a teacher was not sent to prison because he misgendered a student

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