Bruxelles veut mobiliser 45 Md€ pour les start-ups deeptech – Le Monde Informatique

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Les start-ups deeptech ont la cote. La Commission europenne vient d’adopter un agenda europen de l’innovation afin d’aider l’Europe dvelopper davantage de technologies de rupture et devenir un champion face aux Etats-Unis et la Chine. 45 milliards d’euros devraient tre mobiliss cette fin. L’Union européenne se rêve en acteur majoritaire de la croissance des start-ups … Read more

Opinion: Delivery drones, robotaxis, even insurance — the wildly hyped dreams of AI startups are giving tech investors nightmares – CNET

Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes was a persuasive promoter. She convinced many presumedly intelligent people that Theranos had developed technology that could take a few drops of blood from a finger prick to test for a myriad of diseases. The Theranos hype turned out to be just another dot on Silicon Valley’s “Fake-it-Till-You-Make-it” BS spectrum. Last … Read more

Valuation or how to apply the art of divination to startups

Valuation or how to apply the art of divination to

The unicorn is a legendary and spooky animal in the internet world. It is also a term used to describe startups valued over $1 billion. A process that is as much the art of divination as the promise of better days. Valorization, between promise of success and mirror to the larks Square, a company specializing … Read more