Sleep: how to interpret our dreams and nightmares?

Sleep how to interpret our dreams and nightmares

In let’s talk again, the unreleased podcast of the show Let’s talk together, Paul Delair and Caroline Dublanche return with a clear head to the testimonies heard in the program broadcast each evening on RTL. In one of the episodes, it is about dreams, nightmares and their meanings. In the issue of September 5, Régine … Read more

Flameseeker Chronicles: First Impressions of Guild Wars 2’s Restored S1E4 Tower of Nightmares

Flameseeker Chronicles First Impressions of Guild Wars 2s Restored S1E4

Here we are at the penultimate episode of Guild Wars 2 Season 1 content restored and revamped! The pieces are finally starting to fall into place, as Scarlet gathers more allies and monologues more of her evil plot against us. The titular tower houses an instance which is an interesting artifact of Guild Wars 2 … Read more

Opinion: Delivery drones, robotaxis, even insurance — the wildly hyped dreams of AI startups are giving tech investors nightmares – CNET

Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes was a persuasive promoter. She convinced many presumedly intelligent people that Theranos had developed technology that could take a few drops of blood from a finger prick to test for a myriad of diseases. The Theranos hype turned out to be just another dot on Silicon Valley’s “Fake-it-Till-You-Make-it” BS spectrum. Last … Read more

Ivannalys exorcises your phobias and nightmares in chilling photos

Ivannalys exorcises your phobias and nightmares in chilling photos

In response to the school bullying she suffered when she was younger, Ivannalys tells us about approaching photography as a way of “to trust in [elle] and control [son] image”, “a way of [s]escape, from [se] show otherwise”. Today, when she has decided to make it her profession, the photographer uses her art to help … Read more