Bayonetta, Outlast 2… The 5 best games to scare yourself on Halloween

Bayonetta Outlast 2 The 5 best games to scare yourself

The Halloween atmosphere invites you to shiver, especially when you are the actor of these moments of horror or action. It is a selection that is both subjective and eclectic that we offer to celebrate Halloween in video games this year. From the simple action title boosted evoking witchcraft through the slasher movie, the found … Read more

Camilla worried about her health: this big scare that made her make a radical decision

Camilla worried about her health this big scare that made

At 75, Camilla Parker Bowles does her best to stay in shape, watching her diet closely and practicing yoga and Pilates regularly. However, in her youth, the wife of Charles III spared her health little with a very bad habit… The secret of longevity, Camilla seems to have found it. The one who is became … Read more

2 games to scare yourself, soon on Nintendo Switch –

The Nintendo Switch is not just for children (but we already knew that, huh). We think a lot about Laura with these different announcements… We start with MADISON which should be released in the coming weeks. First on the eShop and 1 month later in physical format. MADISON is a psychological horror FPS featuring original … Read more