Bayonetta, Outlast 2… The 5 best games to scare yourself on Halloween

The Halloween atmosphere invites you to shiver, especially when you are the actor of these moments of horror or action.

It is a selection that is both subjective and eclectic that we offer to celebrate Halloween in video games this year. From the simple action title boosted evoking witchcraft through the slasher movie, the found footage or the massacres in order of entire armies of zombies, there will be something for everyone. So here are our top 5 ideal games to celebrate the Day of the Dead… and especially those that aren’t quite.

1 Resident Evil Village Gold Edition

If fans of the action-survival mix of the original episode of Resident Evil Village have undoubtedly already faced the imposing Lady Dimitrescu, the exit of the Gold Editing enhanced by content Extension Winters will make them want to dive back into this macabre universe. The additional chapter The Shadows of Rose offers to play the hero’s daughter, Ethan Winters, in a search for answers about her supernatural powers pushing her to return to the village. The Gold Edition also features a new third-person camera mode for both the main adventure and the expansion and multiplayer content (mercenaries and Re:pay). Finally, Switch players can experience the original game via a special version playable in the Cloud.

On PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series, PC.

2 Bayonetta 3

Who says Halloween must say witches. And it was precisely on October 28 that the most famous of them in the world of video games made its big comeback on Switch. Bayonetta 3 is a pure concentrate of action, behind the pretext of a totally crazy adventure, invoking a multiverse where several versions of Bayonetta intervene. Faced with the terrible multiple threats that are the Homonculi, created by scientists, and the Singularity entity, dedicated to destroying all the universes, the young rookie Viola will support the witch, adept at improbable breaks during her Dantesque battles. What a way to spend a Halloween as dynamic as it is epic.

On Nintendo Switch.

3 The Quarry

From the fertile imagination of Supermassive Games, already author of the very successful Until Dawn on PlayStation 4, The Quarry largely incorporates the ingredients. Starting with all the codes of teen slashers, these horror films where unconscious teenagers or young adults go through the mill of a serial killer. The player takes control of the nine key characters in turn, in a gory, horrifying and interactively scripted atmosphere. The choices made will therefore have an influence on the events and the end of the adventure. With a particularly neat production and an impressive cast of stars (Lance Henriksen, David Arquette, Grace Zabriskie…), The Quarry is a true interactive slasher, playable in multiplayer up to eight simultaneously.

On PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Series and PC.

4 Outlast 2

After a terrifying first part based on the secret CIA project MK-Ultra and its non-consensual experiments, its sequel is based on a sect of the 1950s. The People’s Temple raged for years until a terrible collective suicide. in 1978, claiming more than 900 victims. The player, in the shoes of journalist Blake Langermann, finds himself immersed in an oppressive atmosphere, reminiscent REC and other found footage films in his making. On the playability side, Outlast 2 keeps the principle of a character who cannot fight, which makes each encounter stressful as desired. The types of violence appearing in play (psychological, sexual, or gore) certainly reserve it for an adult and informed audience.

On PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Switch.

5 Dying Light 2: Stay Human

What would a Halloween be without its share of zombies? 15 years after the events of Dying Light, this sequel immerses us in a fictional European city, Villedor, a vast open world pretext for an action RPG of survival. The hero will have to rely on his extraordinary parkour abilities, the use of recovered or manufactured weapons, in the face of hordes of infected, but also survivors who are not always friendly. One of the great originalities of Techland’s title is based on its day/night cycle which radically changes the situation: the infected are much more numerous and powerful once the sun has gone down. But to progress and equip yourself with the best assets, you will have to take risks. Dantesque content, and cooperation up to four in multiplayer to slaughter the living dead.

On PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Series, PC and Switch.

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Bayonetta, Outlast 2… The 5 best games to scare yourself on Halloween

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