Camilla worried about her health: this big scare that made her make a radical decision

At 75, Camilla Parker Bowles does her best to stay in shape, watching her diet closely and practicing yoga and Pilates regularly. However, in her youth, the wife of Charles III spared her health little with a very bad habit…

The secret of longevity, Camilla seems to have found it. The one who is became queen consort of the United Kingdom on the death of Elizabeth II on September 8 takes care of his health, from his plate to his sporting activities. British media revealed in 2021 that the wife of Charles III only consumes fresh and local products and that she is a fan of gentle gym, such as yoga and Pilates. A way of life radically different from that of his youth… The tabloid Hello ! recalled this Tuesday, October 25 that Camilla has long smoked. According to our British colleagues, it lit approximately ten cigarettes a day until 2001, year during which a health concern prompted him to quit smoking for good.

At that time, the DailyMail reported that Camilla, then 54, had rhinitis (inflammation of the nasal mucosa often of allergic origin which causes persistent coughing and sneezing). The recurring symptoms frightening himthis disease pushed her to make the decision to give up cigarettes. “She had a persistent cough that she couldn’t get rid of, explained a friend of Camilla. It wasn’t related to her smoking, but she decided it was a good opportunity.”

Camilla in her garden smoking, July 6, 1993.

If Camilla had a big fright with her rhinitis, she had already wanted to quit smoking for a while. Earlier in 2001, she had gone to the Himalayas to recharge her batteries during a trip organized by Doctor Mosaraf Ali, a true health guru whom Charles III particularly appreciated at that time. Rumor has it that the then Duchess of Cornwall regularly visited Dr Ali’s practice in London, where he encouraged her to do yoga both to combat his back pain and to help him quit smoking.

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Camilla flew to India for a wellness retreat

Having taken a liking to wellness retreats since the early 2000s, Camilla would currently be in Indiain a holistic health and wellness center named Soukya, located near Whitefield. According to information from The Times of Indiathe queen consort would have arrived on October 20 and intends to stay ten days there with friends. This is the eighth time she has visited this centre, after being there for the first time in 2010. In November 2019, Camilla went there with Charles to celebrate his 71st birthday. Very attached to the place, the couple had planted a tree with medicinal properties on the Soukya estate. The cigarette is therefore nothing more than a bad memory.

Photo credits: AGENCY / BESTIMAGE

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Camilla worried about her health: this big scare that made her make a radical decision

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