Neon White review: an addictive FPS with playing cards

Neon White review an addictive FPS with playing cards

Blown away in a Nintendo Direct in 2021, Neon White surprises with its original proposal, that of a shooting game where firearms are playing cards, and where the music is always poum-tchak- brzzzt. With a studio like Annapurna editing, we expected a hell of a weirdness and no one is surprised: it’s a hell of … Read more

Review Vol.1 Neon Genesis Evangelion – Nerv Edition – Manga

Evangelion is a saga that will have marked in many ways, both Japanese animation and its fans. In its own way, the manga adaptation of the series will have been a great success. Character-designer on the anime production, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto launches this version several months before the start of the anime’s broadcast. It was in … Read more