Review Vol.1 7th Time Loop – The Villainess Enjoys a Carefree Life – Manga

Review Vol1 7th Time Loop The Villainess Enjoys a

Among isekai and other fantasy titles essentially adapted from light novels, a pattern comes up more and more frequently, to the point of also being used regularly in webtoons: The role of the villain, set up as the protagonist of a story. Very fond of reincarnation series at the heart of medieval-fantasy universes, Meian editions … Read more

Review Vol.1 Yakuza Reincarnation – Manga

Review Vol1 Yakuza Reincarnation Manga

Particularly present through animation works and manga, the isekai genre has found its place among us. Sometimes appreciated, sometimes mocked, this type of story projecting one or more protagonists into another world, often tinged with fantasy, seduces by its codes and its ability to bring renewal according to the titles and the authors. Some houses … Read more

Review Vol.1 Walkers of the apocalypse (the) – Manga

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The month of July saw the arrival at Doki-Doki of the series Les Promeneuses de l’apocalypse, in Japanese Shûmatsu Touring (a Japanese-English name that could be translated as “Journey of the apocalypse” or “Tourism of the apocalypse”). Pre-published in Japan since 2020 in the Dengeki Maoh magazine of ASCII Mediaworks/Kadokawa with currently 3 volumes published, … Read more

Review Vol.1 Neon Genesis Evangelion – Nerv Edition – Manga

Evangelion is a saga that will have marked in many ways, both Japanese animation and its fans. In its own way, the manga adaptation of the series will have been a great success. Character-designer on the anime production, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto launches this version several months before the start of the anime’s broadcast. It was in … Read more