TikTok: the Wicca movement is gaining momentum on the application!

General alert! On TikTok, the Wicca movement unleashes passions to this day. Are you going to follow this intriguing trend? On TikTok, trends come and go ! According to the latest news, the Wicca movement is clearly popular. MCE TV will tell you more about it… TikTok grabs everything in its path For many months, … Read more

Movement towards Rome-Hervé Niquet- Rocamadour Festival Friday August 26, 2022

Movement towards Rome-Hervé Niquet- Rocamadour Festival, August 26, 2022, . Movement towards Rome-Hervé Niquet- Rocamadour Festival2022-08-26 21:00:00 21:00:00 – 2022-08-26 15 EUR 15 80 Gradual: Hymn Lucis Creator Optime (Gregorian – Notre-Dame de Paris)Organ PreludeCharles Gounod: Kyrie from the “Vocal Mass”Leo Delibes Gradual: “Ave Maris stella”Charles Gounod: Gloria from the “Vocal Mass”Meditation for solo organCamille … Read more

Visualization and meditation in movement: all about these body and mind therapies

Finished separating the body that must be treated and the mind that only serves to “think”! The two are intimately linked. “ So we cannot go through the body (movement, breathing) to calm the mind and regulate emotions, or on the contrary play with the mind to modulate bodily sensations such as pain », says … Read more