TikTok: the Wicca movement is gaining momentum on the application!

General alert! On TikTok, the Wicca movement unleashes passions to this day. Are you going to follow this intriguing trend?

On TikTok, trends come and go ! According to the latest news, the Wicca movement is clearly popular. MCE TV will tell you more about it…

TikTok grabs everything in its path

For many months, TikTok remains one of the social networks the most widely used in the world. To the point of shading Snapchat, Instagram or even Twitter.

It was during the pandemic that the platform has also experienced some growth. Facing the camera, everything is good to get noticed.

Thousands of Internet users like to follow or launch countless challenges. And that’s not all !

Tutorials are often searched for on TikTok. At one time, the most popular ones were centered on make-up or cooking to cite just these examples.

Every day, countless videos are revealed to the public. At the moment, a movement is also making a lot of noise!

Her name ? wicca launched by Gérald Brousseau Gardner! This British writer distinguished himself in the 20th century. For some, this current would simply be modern witchcraft…

And for good reason, in English, the word wicca means “witch”. This ancestral practice includes shamanism or druidism. Also note that the deities are not left out.

Those in the spotlight are Greek, Nordic, Celtic and Slavic. Thus this current is based on nature and magic. Many followers around the world have been won over. Especially thanks to TikTok.

Wiccans thrive with the night and the sun. Most rituals are organized primarily based on these two elements. Alone or in a group, meetings and parties are orchestrated throughout the year.

The Wicca movement seduces internationally

On TikTok, you may have seen a few pages from the “Book of Shadows” wiccans. Via this book, followers are also guided for all their rituals.

Yes, it takes a minimum of knowledge to get started in magic. Thanks to the High Priests or High Priestesses you so you can study the runes.

Something that is not necessarily easy. On TikTok, many claim this status. In this regard, be on the lookout.

Do not let yourself be seduced by practices that can put you in danger. Thanks to TikTok, some of them have been able to start a real business.

Indeed, works or other services are now marketed. But watch out for drifts!

In any case, the wicca movement devotes a real cult to nature. As for its branches, there is something for everyone.

If you’re curious, you should fall for some shops and bookstores that have sprung up thanks to this new fashion. There are even themed cafes, that is to say.

The opportunity for you to meet other followers. Of the conferences and workshops have also recently been created.

Out of sight, practitioners can therefore discuss this intriguing neopagan religion. Besides TikTok, you should find your happiness with accounts quite savvy on the subject on Instagram. So, it’s up to you!

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TikTok: the Wicca movement is gaining momentum on the application!

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