Astrological compatibility: this dating application helps to find a partner according to his birth chart

Astrological compatibility this dating application helps to find a partner

28% of French people believe in astrology*. And this “discipline having as its object the study of the correlations between the configuration, the favorable or harmful quality of the geocentric sky during a terrestrial event (…) and the nature, the developments of this event”** invites itself even in romantic relationships. 16% of men and 6% … Read more

Ego-system or Eco-system, extract from the teachings of Martin Aylward on the Mind application –

Ego system or Eco system extract from the teachings of Martin Aylward

“We live in intense times, in times of political dysfunction, economic uncertainty, social polarization and ecological degradation. Large-scale protests have taken place around the world such as those led by Extinction Rebellion and its partners. They are sounding the alarm about our ecological situation, using nonviolent direct action to pressure governments and big business to … Read more

The French Yoga Platform Shiksha® launches its Application and its Member Social Network

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25.10.2022 – 09:15 Shiksha Yoga Paris, October 25, 2022 (ots/PRNewswire) Shiksha is aimed at all practitioners, beginners or experienced, who aspire to a more regular and less restrictive practice of yoga. Shiksha allows them to improve their personal yoga practice or to develop their teaching skills as a yoga teacher. The application provides access to … Read more

TikTok: the Wicca movement is gaining momentum on the application!

General alert! On TikTok, the Wicca movement unleashes passions to this day. Are you going to follow this intriguing trend? On TikTok, trends come and go ! According to the latest news, the Wicca movement is clearly popular. MCE TV will tell you more about it… TikTok grabs everything in its path For many months, … Read more

Acteurs clés du marché de la méditation, offre, demande, croissance, industrie, application, analyse et prévisions jusqu’en 2029 –

Acteurs cles du marche de la meditation offre demande croissance

Le marché mondial   de la méditation  devrait connaître une croissance importante au cours de la période de prévision de 2022 à 2029. Data Bridge Market Research analyse que le marché mondial de la méditation croît avec un TCAC de 18,5 % au cours de la période de prévision de 2022 à 2029 et devrait atteindre 20 532,44 … Read more

Meditatio, finally a Christian meditation application!

Meditatio finally a Christian meditation application

Among the plethora of applications dedicated to meditation, the last one, finally, is based on the rich meditative and contemplative tradition of the Church: Meditatio. Officially launched this first week of October, it already has more than 10,000 users. “This app helps me every morning to have a better day! exclaims Thibault. “Everything is beautiful: … Read more

Arthrocoach App: the support application for people who suffer from osteoarthritis

[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] In 2021, Laboratoires Expanscience launched Arthrocoach App, a support web-application that meets the needs of osteoarthritis patients by offering them physical activity, nutrition and well-being programs. Since March 22, the application has been available in the stores (App Store, Google Play, etc.). Respond to patient needs Osteoarthritis is a chronic and widespread pathology. … Read more