– Impoverishment in Mali: How long could the population hold out?

maliwebnet Impoverishment in Mali How long could the population

Merchants expressed their views The daily situation of populations is becoming increasingly critical, in the negative sense of the term. Everyone is crying. Nothing is right. Everything is blocked and impoverishment is growing in Mali. Everyone struggles to find a way to meet their daily needs. There is indeed a mess in the country. The … Read more – Draft Constitution of Mali: The remarks of the writer Drissa Doumbia

maliwebnet Draft Constitution of Mali The remarks of the

El hadj Drissa Doumbia, Writer residing in Yirimadio Bamako I went through the draft constitution. Serious groundwork has been done. The organs have been well described with their functioning. My first point concerns the two-chamber parliament. Admittedly, jurists have fertile imaginations. But it remains to be seen whether the theory set out on the functioning … Read more – 16th edition of the festival theater of realities: See you in Sikasso from December 05 to 11, 2022

maliwebnet 16th edition of the festival theater of realities

The 16th edition of the “Théâtre des Réalités” festival will be held from December 05 to 11, 2022, in the capital of Kénédougou. The organizers of the festival made this known during a press conference held on Friday, November 04, 2022, in the press room of the CICB. In front of the journalists, the director … Read more – Archives de grand père : Devoir de mémoire

maliwebnet Archives de grand pere Devoir de memoire

Capitaine Diby Sylas Diarra Né en 1934 à Mayarasso dans l’actuelle commune rurale de  Baramandougou( Pêh) le  Capitaine Diby Sylas Diarra rendit âme le 22 juin 1972 sous la cravache du soldat El Mehdi, un jeune soldat  tamasheq qui visiblement avait été poussé contre Diby, au motif que ce dernier avait sévi contre des tamasheq … Read more – Cauris et religion : La chose du diable ?

maliwebnet Cauris et religion La chose du diable

L’islam et le christianisme rejettent catégoriquement les arts divinatoires notamment, les cauris. Les explications de l’imam Oumar Diarra et du prêtre Pierre Dembélé. Il est délicat, le sujet sur l’art divinatoire. Aller consulter le cauris est pas a priori mal, selon l’islam et le christianisme. « Dans la Bible, recourir à des pratiques de voyance … Read more