– Impoverishment in Mali: How long could the population hold out?

The daily situation of populations is becoming increasingly critical, in the negative sense of the term. Everyone is crying. Nothing is right. Everything is blocked and impoverishment is growing in Mali. Everyone struggles to find a way to meet their daily needs. There is indeed a mess in the country. The money has disappeared. But those who used to help others are struggling to make ends meet. Within the population, voices are beginning to rise. Some wonder as if they regret.

Initially, no one had imagined the current situation in the country. It was rather the time of great marches and burning speeches. The vast majority of the population was over the moon. And the spirit of resilience was strongly nurtured. It was even said and promised that all arrangements were made for the population to live for ten years, without feeling the slightest suffering on a daily basis.

It is true that the struggle in the field of sovereignty has been welcomed and supported by citizens and Africans, but had we really taken steps to avoid the population this poverty that lives in every family? Whatever the answer, the conclusion is there! Everyone is crying. No activity works. Traders were the first to cross swords with the authorities on the question of the price of bread and sugar. As for gas, prices have gone up and not down.

The real sectors of activity are practically paralyzed. Tourism, crafts, hotels, livestock, fishing, among others, are stifled. Private companies are crying out for lack of markets. Associations and NGOs no longer have support or financial support. It’s not okay! But where will the solution come from? We will just have to calm down and objectively assess the situation to quickly find solutions that can alleviate the suffering of the population.

No one resists hunger for long. Hunger is the real evil that causes disputes and social unrest. Besides, the best way to keep his people silent for a long time is to give them food every day. An empty bag does not stand up. And a hungry man is not a free man. This is why the authorities must act as soon as possible to put an end to this situation. People live a difficult life. Many can no longer find the price of fuel to get enough to feed the family. Moreover, it is not even guaranteed to have something on the descent.

In truth, everyone must become aware, to fight so that the Transition succeeds within the time limits. The time for the need to join forces, to make the Transition a success, has come. It is necessary to make the priority, the commitment of the return to the normal Constitutional order. That everyone is sincerely involved in the implementation of the Transition timetable. In a few weeks, the new year 2023 will succeed 2022. This means that the Transition has only one year left to hand over to an elected power.

This way of returning to the Normal Constitutional Order: could be the solution, for the revival of the country on the ground of economic and financial activities. Hope wisdom is the guide. Otherwise, poverty is in all families and especially in the pockets!

Monoko Toaly, Expert in Communication and Political Marketing

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