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Dungeon Monsters volume 16 Somewhere Else a good lawyer

Somewhere Else is certainly the most original Dungeon tome… of all? But is it really a good thing? Because if we have a lot of fun in front of this story of lawyers and the living dead, are we really still in the Dungeon? © 2022 Delcourt You were wondering what could be the origin … Read more

Threatening Imam Iquioussen’s lawyer is attacking the rule of law

Mayan beliefs purification of the soul reincarnation 50 years in

Because she defended the Islamist preacher Hassan Iquioussen, lawyer Lucie Simon is harassed and threatened with rape and death on social networks. A collective of lawyers denounces this hatred and stresses that justice cannot be done on Twitter. “Dirty bougnoule whore, if we see you again in court to defend it, we’ll rape you and … Read more

Marineland: a lawyer, a filmmaker and a scientist banned from access

A lawyer, a filmmaker and a scientist are among those who received a notice, which has identical wording except for the names. Notices indicate that recipients are not permitted to enter the property known as Marineland of Canada, Inc. and can’t get in at any time and for any reason. People who receive such a … Read more