Finance Bill 2023: More than 3.3 billion additional dirhams for the implementation of the Investment Charter

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Nadia Fettah announced on Thursday in Rabat that the finance bill (PLF) for the year 2023 devotes an additional amount of 3.3 billion dirhams (MMDH) to implement the Investment Charter and honor the various commitments relating to industrial investment projects. Mrs. Fettah, who presented the outline of the project … Read more

Gilles Perret counterattacks to demystify finance

Gilles Perret counterattacks to demystify finance

Wrestling can be a playful and fun fight. In the battle between the iron pot and the earthen pot, the strongest does not always win. It is on these presuppositions that Gilles Perret relies in Takeover, his first fiction feature film, an implicit sequel to My globalization , his documentary released in theaters in 2006. … Read more

Finance Bill 2023 | An anti-L214 amendment adopted by the Finance Committee

Finance Bill 2023 An anti L214 amendment adopted by the

Delete the tax reduction for donations to associations whose members are convicted oftrespassing on private agricultural property and industrial establishments or acts of violence against professionals “. This is what theamendment tabled by MP LR Marc Le Fur and adopted on October 5 by the Finance Committee during the examination in first reading of the … Read more

Finance bill | Why is the budget of the Ministry of Agriculture increasing by 20% in 2023?

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On the occasion of the presentation of finance bill 2023yesterday in the Council of Ministers, the ministry of agriculture was granted a budget of 5,987 million euros, up 20% compared to the budget included in the 2022 finance bill. How to explain this significant budget increase? Nearly 6 billion euros will be devoted in 2023 … Read more

The front – amending finance bill for the 2022 financial year adopted – Togo-Presse

The front – amending finance bill for the 2022 financial

In a seminar and Council of Ministers in Kpalime: The draft amending finance bill for the 2022 financial year adopted The government met in Kpalimé (Kloto Prefecture), under the chairmanship of His Excellency Faure Essozimna GNASSINGBE, President of the Republic, in a government seminar and in the Council of Ministers on Monday 12 and Tuesday … Read more