Finance Bill 2023 | An anti-L214 amendment adopted by the Finance Committee

Delete the tax reduction for donations to associations whose members are convicted oftrespassing on private agricultural property and industrial establishments or acts of violence against professionals “. This is what theamendment tabled by MP LR Marc Le Fur and adopted on October 5 by the Finance Committee during the examination in first reading of the first part of the finance bill (PLF) for 2023. Two other similar amendments were also adopted.

The amendment also proposes to prohibit these same associations from issuing tax receipts, necessary to allow taxpayers to benefit from the tax reduction.

Considerable progress according to Marc Le Fur

This is a decisive step in a fight that I have been leading for several years “, welcomed the Breton deputy on his blog after the vote.

Until now, antispeciesist associations of the type L214 who encourage extremist activists to break all property laws by fracturing farm entrances, could benefit from a tax deduction for their donors. Concretely, the State encouraged these associations fiscally and therefore the radical activists who claim it “, continues the deputy. ” If in session, the deputies confirm the vote of the finance committee, the law will no longer allow these associations to benefit from this tax advantage if they continue to encourage this type of action. “, he hopes seeing there “un considerable progress for the safety of farmers, farms and animals “. He points out that the amendment brought together, in committee, all the political parties except the Nupes.

And to call on agricultural organizations to mobilize before the vote in session.

40 animal and environmental NGOs are offended

Environmental and animal protection organizations have already reacted. About forty NGOs including L214, Greenpeace, welfare, Oxfam France, CIWF Franceor food watch and Future generations “firmly” denounced in a press release the amendment which, if adopted in plenary “ would hit hard all the organizations that denounce the abuses of [notre] agricultural and industrial system, in particular through actions of civil disobedience “. And to call on the deputies to reject it. These NGOs see in this amendment ” further proof of the relentlessness of the public authorities towards civil society organizations “. And to lament that the Demeter cell is always “well and truly active”.

“We will not let ourselves be done” warns L214

In a separate press release L214 denounced ” a revolting amendment which actually aims to financially asphyxiate associations for the defense of animals and the environment “. Whereas “ intrusions into farms are already prohibited and punishable by the Penal Code, this amendment is only one more attempt to silence the whistleblowers by financially stifling the associations that relay their words and their imaginations “, deplores the animalist NGO. “ We won’t let it go warns Brigitte Gothière, co-founder of L214.

Our colleagues from Agrafil recall that in 2021, a parliamentary fact-finding mission was carried out on “obstructing legal activities”, chaired by MP LR Xavier Breton. In particular, it proposed to create a new offense which could penalize the authors of intrusions into agricultural holdings. A bill has been filed in this sense in October 2021, which has not yet been examined by Parliament.

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Finance Bill 2023 | An anti-L214 amendment adopted by the Finance Committee

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