Proposals for an ambitious Côte d’Azur territory in 2040

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The Côte d’Azur territory is not lacking in strengths or weaknesses! Its population is aging, housing is lacking and its transport is saturated… How to make it stronger and more ambitious? The Institut Montaigne, in partnership with the consultancy firm in territorial influence strategy Stan, brought together for more than a year a hundred local … Read more

Hatha-Yoga, in a Western version… – Paris Côte d’Azur

-Eva Ruchpaul- At the same time, in North America, young Indians carried the good word and found an attentive public, even more sensitive to the spiritual message conveyed by Yoga than among Europeans. They opened schools that quickly spread throughout the United States and Canada. I am thinking in particular of Satchidananda and Visnudevananda who … Read more