Exo, the Airbnb version of indoor sport

Exo the Airbnb version of indoor sport

The prospect of the Olympic Games in Paris not only stimulates the imagination of athletes. The 2024 deadline also gives entrepreneurs ideas. “Having the Olympic Games in a year and a half in Paris, that’s what motivated us crazy,” says Bérénice Marmonier, co-founder of Exo, a new platform dedicated to sports practice. Former journalist of … Read more

PETER HITCHENS: Britain is slowly turning into a version of crazy old East Germany

PETER HITCHENS Britain is slowly turning into a version of

I often think that the former communist East Germany should have been taken over by the Disney Corporation and continued to function permanently, exactly as it was, as a tourist attraction. Schoolchildren from all over the Western world could have spent a few days there to find out what a dogmatic society was really like. … Read more

BMW 3.0 CSL (2022): the legendary sports car returns in a modern version with an overpowered engine

Zapping Autonews Ferrari Purosangue (2022): the Italian manufacturer’s first SUV on video BMW M’s fiftieth anniversary year is coming to a close. The sports branch of the Bavarian firm unveils the BMW 3.0 CSL, a new sports car directly inspired by the eponymous model derived from the E9, which dates from the 1970s. Produced in … Read more

Pogba case: the mother of Paul and Mathias punches and gives her version of the facts

Pogba case the mother of Paul and Mathias punches and

In an autobiography published this Wednesday, November 16, Yeo Moriba, the mother of the Pogba brothers, gave her version of the facts on the case which shakes her family. She notably assured that her son, Mathias, had been manipulated by relatives of the family in these blackmail cases. A confessional book. This Wednesday, November 16, … Read more

Hatha-Yoga, in a Western version… – Paris Côte d’Azur

-Eva Ruchpaul- At the same time, in North America, young Indians carried the good word and found an attentive public, even more sensitive to the spiritual message conveyed by Yoga than among Europeans. They opened schools that quickly spread throughout the United States and Canada. I am thinking in particular of Satchidananda and Visnudevananda who … Read more

Disgaea 6 Complete: A PS5 version up to par (PC, PS4, PS5, Switch) – MaXoE

Disgaea 6 Complete A PS5 version up to par PC

If since its release in Japan, Disgaea 6 had a PS4 and Switch version, in Europe we only had the right to the Nintendo Switch version. Today, a year later, the Tactical-RPG Disgaea 6 returns to us in a Complete edition (DLCs included) on PS4 and PC as well as for the very first time … Read more