The bishops’ warning about the mystical Maria Valtorta

The bishops warning about the mystical Maria Valtorta

Noting a growing success of the writings of the mystic Maria Valtorta, the Doctrinal Commission of the Bishops of France issued a note on September 29 to recall the blacklisting of her main work. This one tells details and anecdotes about the life of Jesus absent from the Gospels. ” The Gospel as revealed to … Read more

Press release from the Conference of Bishops of France: May 15, 2022, canonizations of Charles de Foucauld, Marie Rivier and César de Bus

Brother Charles de Foucauld (1858-1916)Charles de Foucauld was born in Strasbourg in 1958. After a dissipated youth, during a stay in Algeria, at the start of his military career, his discovery of believers in Islam moved him deeply and prepared him for his encounter with Christ. Back in France, he saw a radical conversion after … Read more