It’s summer, do you have time? Here are five French rap projects to (re)taste right away

While talking to the editorial staff, we quickly realized that August is the saddest month of the year for French rap. Everyone is on vacation and even if a few rare outings can give us a little pleasure, it’s never enough to satisfy us.

By diving back into our playlists, we listened to this year’s musical releases again and some projects, too little highlighted for our taste, stood out. We wanted to (re)present them to you. Here are five records released this year, which deserve more than one listen:

Jean Jass – down jacket in summer

Released in the middle of June, down jacket in summer is aptly named. While hit attempts and zumbas rain down during this period, JeanJass brings us a breath of fresh air in the rap landscape. This ten tracks is completely against the grain of what we are used to hearing. In production, we mainly find boom bap. Back to a very technical rap, but which does not neglect all the work around the voice.

Luther- Boy

Last signature of Sublime, the Disiz label, Luther is making his place, little by little. With Boy, we immediately understand the touch of the artist… And it’s far too effective. With his timbre of voice and his sincere texts, Luther is touching. This is one of the singularities of this young artist, knowing how to create emotion, with great accuracy.

Di-Meh – OV3

Earlier we were talking about a project going against the grain with down jacket in summer of JeanJass, Di-Meh took the delirium even further. A good boom bap EP, well rapped… OV3, it’s the project of our big brothers (and what a pleasure). And if the rap of the years 1990-2000 does not speak to you, we still advise you to listen to this project. Who knows ? Maybe it’s Di-Meh who will change your mind?

Isha- Blue Labrador

Yes, it’s Isha’s project that looks the least like what we know of the artist, but that’s also why we love it Blue Labrador. The Belgian rapper is excellent on songs like “The Reincarnation of Biggie” or “Dragon Slayer (Wind)”… Dark titles, characteristic of Isha’s style, and when we discover the artist on “Ball in the Head (Earth)” or in “Modou (Fire)” with Limsa d’Aulnay, something is happening. Isha perfectly integrates melody in this project and it feels good.

Theodore – Romance & Rodeo

A word to describe Theodore? Singular. The artist is hooded, he raps almost in a whisper, his attitude and his voice are unique. Théodore is the kind of artist a bit “hit or miss” and, on our side, it’s going strong. With Romance & Rodeo, the rapper can make us both dance and cry. His style and the production around these pieces create a well-defined universe, filled with emotions.

Small bonus: NeS – CQSS

Yes, we cheated. We wanted to add a sixth to this list, because he deserves it. NeS is the least known artist of our selection and yet, what a talent. With CQSS, a four-track EP, the young rapper demonstrates a very solid technical palette. The songs are powerful, NeS exudes a certain assurance that can take him far.

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It’s summer, do you have time? Here are five French rap projects to (re)taste right away

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