Elden Ring: 5 characters who have a dramatic end following our actions

In order to warn you, I am well aware that we are ruining the lives of many people in Entre-Terre, we cannot even count them on the fingers of one hand, there are so many. Our presence is a bit like a curse for all the people we meet and very often premature death is the final box of our relationship with these people.

Here, we will focus on the story of 5 NPCs from Elden Ring that particularly struck me, because a happy ending seemed to be emerging in the distance. However, the naivety was far too great compared to the stark reality of the Elden Ring characters’ narrative. Indeed, wanting too much to be a sucker (or out of simple curiosity), we sow death with our “good deeds”. So without further ado, here are the 5 characters who have a tragic end as a result of our actions.

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If you have not yet completed Elden Ring or you do not want to know the story of certain characters, we invite you to go your way. In this article, we briefly detail the sad story of some NPCs.

Wanting to shine too much, she burned her wings — Sellen

Depending on how one explores the Underworld, one can encounter Sellen in two different ways: either one first finds his astral projection in a ruin in Necrolimbo, or one stumbles upon his lifeless carnal shell attached to a wall with stones. of splinters. If you fall on the second option, you will be unable to help him until you meet his astral projection in Necrolimbo.

It is then that you will enter a more or less long quest with the aim of freeing Sellen from the Death of the Witches. As we progress in her quest, we learn a little more about this witch: she was exiled for unconventional practices within the Academy of Caria. His experiences and discoveries have therefore earned him his life. Severe punishment anyway.

My interpretation is that Rennala disagreed with her perception of shardstone magic (or was it too dangerous?), so she was punished at Witches’ Bane for to avoid harming others (or to avoid her taking her place as the mother witch?).

Sellen’s unmasked face (u/FreddyKrum)

Sellen doesn’t seem mean, because she takes us under her wing very easily, even if we remain her minion. Besides his arrogance, we slowly begin to better understand his passion and we want to help him restore the image of his group of wizards (Azur, Lusat and company). Either way, Rennala looks like an empty shell if Ranni’s manifestations are discounted, so Sellen seemed like a good contender to take over the management of Caria Academy.

So, if we choose to help her to the end, after many fights, we can see her delighted to be able to touch her dream of taking over the Academy of Caria, with many projects. on your mind. We then leave happy for her and we say to ourselves that we have done a good deed, because even if she is a little arrogant, her quest seems noble and her punishment too severe.

But now, after a rest on a site of grace, we discover that Rennala has resumed her place in the center of the room and Sellen has mysteriously transformed herself into a ball of giant faceted stone. We find ourselves disillusioned with the situation and we do not know who to cast Sellen has a fate even more painful than his crucification on the wall of the Death of the Witches. Is it still Ranni’s work? Or has the “reincarnation” of the bodies of his wizarding friends met with disastrous failure? Whatever the cause of her final state, by wanting to help Sellen achieve her dream, we have instead led her to an even more severe punishment while covering her with even more shame.

Elden Ring

When we maintain a person’s addiction — Hyetta

Hyetta is a blind servant that you can find just after Valorage Castle; so after the defeat of Godrick the Grafted. She will ask you to help her find a strange dish, Fruits of Shabriri, so that she can see the light and thus help her to advance in her quest despite her blindness.

Every time you give her a piece of fruit, she will seem delighted and this is how you will begin to sustain her addiction; but what does it matter? The young girl can finally see a path emerging through her eyes. During the third fruit given, the latter will wonder what these famous Shabriri fruits are. Telling her the truth, that these are human eyes, she will vomit in disgust.

However, when you meet her at the Chapel of Bellum, she will decide to become a culinary expert in this field, because ultimately it does not matter whether it is the human eye, it is the taste that counts. That is. What is important for this young girl is to be able to move around despite her sight problems and to be able to enjoy a taste that does not seem to equal what she has eaten before.

Elden Ring

The more fruits of Shabriri you give him, the closer you will help him to the lair of the Three Fingers where certain death awaits him. So, without really knowing it at first, you guide Hyetta to her demise. Moreover, if you agree to follow the path of the Lord of Exalted Flame, you can immolate him with your own flames.

Clearly, if you hadn’t nurtured Hyetta’s addiction to the Fruits of Shabriri, she would no doubt still be alive and would not have awakened such a strange adoration for the Three Fingers that she let herself be consumed by the exalted flame.

The Decimated Family — Irina and her father Edgar

Who hasn’t crossed paths with poor Irina who wants to bring a letter to her father who is currently defending the Château de Morne? Seeing this poor young girl helpless to see her father delay, we decide to help her, in the hope of seeing this family reunited again to live a better life.

So we head for the Château de Morne and more precisely on the north-east tower of the castle to meet Edgar le Châtelain, Irina’s father. The latter is a brave knight who will not leave the battlefield until he has accomplished his last mission: defeating the Leonine Chimera. It is therefore with great enthusiasm that we will hunt the ugly beast on the edge of the beach.

Once the task is complete, we go back to see the young girl’s father and it’s finally time to go and observe the touching reunion of this little family. But now Irina lies lifeless on the ground with her father lamenting her death and swearing revenge for this barbaric act.

Elden Ring

But the tragedy does not end there, because even if the end of the quest happens to be disarming, we can find the father later in Lirunia, in the Hut of the Avenger. He’s keeping his promise: he’s started his quest for revenge and invades any dullness in his path, even us, his friend who helped him. Therefore, in addition to seeing Irina dead, we are forced to kill her father with our own hands.

If Irina hadn’t crossed our path, maybe she would be alive? Is this assassination an act of revenge on the part of the henchmen of the Leonine Chimera? Or was she destined to die somehow? Unfortunately, we will never know the truth.

Elden Ring

A Desperate Rebirth — Boc, the Tailor

Within a large plain, you can find Boc in the guise of any shrub. While talking with him, you learn that he has been banished from the cave of semi-humans and is traumatized by the events that happened in the cave.

Going to this place, misery, we see Boc slumped on the ground and injured. By killing the cave boss, you can get a sewing kit and a sewing needle. By returning to see Boc, the latter will thank you and offer his services to alter our clothes.

Throughout your adventure, you may come across Boc on a few grace sites and will always offer his services. Bonds will be created and the latter may even call you “My lord” and you will be able to encourage him. A relationship of the simplest, but which has something to smile about, especially in Entre-Terre.

Elden Ring

However, his wish is to be reborn, as he hates his hideous appearance, so to help him you have two options: give him a Larval Tear so he can go see Rennala or give him the Causing Noggin “How Beautiful”. Many will think it’s important to give him a chance and give him a larval tear, but once he’s reborn, in human form, he’ll be completely speechless and die after an area reload.

In a way, we contributed to Boc’s death, because by giving him the noggin, he will have found comfort in thinking that it is his mother’s voice. Like that was not enough, it would have been enough to simply tell him that he was handsome when he asked us the question so that he could continue to live his life peacefully. The word of a family and a friend is sometimes far more important than risky divine intervention.

Push to cannibalism — Tanith

Another story that can be disarming once the quest is over; that of Tanith. Upon arriving at the Manor, you will agree to join Rykard’s cause, whether you are sincere or not; but we all know that the lure of profit is stronger than anything. You will therefore follow the Manor quest by accepting each of the lady’s missives. Except that our thirst for challenge will take over and once the series of quests is over, we will want to rub shoulders with Rykard.

After defeating the mansion boss and obtaining his major rune, things take an unexpected turn. According to the philosophy followed by each member of the collective, if your master dies, it is because he is weak. As a result, one by one, the occupants of Volcano Manor will leave, but only one person will remain: Tanith. The latter will thank you for having enlightened her, because her master whom she considered to be all-powerful turns out to be weak. She therefore indicates that she will leave the mansion before a long time, because she hopes to see her master resuscitate despite everything. Well, everyone mourns as they see fit, but the sequel is quite macabre and one wonders if killing Rykard was really the right thing to do.

Elden Ring

Indeed, by reloading the boss room, you will be able to see Tanith eating the corpse of his former master. She carries a disturbing speech of sadness where she wishes to be her snake, her family while eating it. Clearly, she wants her master to live within her or to use her body to be reborn in some way. According to my interpretation, this act shows that she is full of distress and cannot conceive the death of her lover. By eating his entrails, she wishes to have him near him in some way.

Nothing and no one can stop her, not even Pat who tries to bring her affection by giving her dancer castanets to remind her of her sweet past as a dancer. The latter will simply continue to eat her beloved, ignoring Pat’s last wishes.

The bottom line of this story is that Tanith wasn’t really a follower of the “May the best man wins” philosophy, but had an unconditional love for his master. She doesn’t blame us for killing her, because for her Rykard has become weak. She then gives herself to acts of cannibalism in the hope of seeing her beloved again. Eventually, we will have made Tanith profoundly sad and cannibalistic for our own personal pleasure in killing all the gods and demigods of the Underworld.

Elden Ring

It is obvious that there are other characters who die by our actions; our thoughts go in particular to Ranni’s companions who were destined to die helping him or even Alexander for whom we had been able to create a strong affection. We can at least rejoice in having brought happiness to at least one person; the spirit of the jellyfish that we guided to her sister in the Celestial Observatory. It was a short moment, but very intense.

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Elden Ring: 5 characters who have a dramatic end following our actions

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