How to maintain platinum blonde for women and what are the best shades?

Platinum blonde is a trend that’s been around for decades, and while it’s taken a few breaks, it always seems to be coming back. The proof ? It is also one of the most sought-after colors for fall 2022! In this article, discover everything you need to know about platinum blonde for women: advice, maintenance, and the best shades to try.

Things to consider before visiting the hairdresser

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As you may already know, bleaching is a huge stress on the hair and moreover, platinum color is harder to maintain, especially if you’re not ready for dark roots. Discover then some points to take into account before embarking on this trendy hair color.

The level of commitment

To maintain an icy blond, for example, especially if you are a natural brunette, you have to do touch-ups every four to six weeks. Talk to your colorist if your hair can handle bleaching. Otherwise, you risk your hair breaking and becoming extremely dry. If there is no problem, consider having your hair cut before bleaching it. The healthier your hair is, the more color it will take. In addition, your hairdresser will work will be able to choose the best dye according to the haircut.

Forgo shampoo at least three days before coloring

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This is because the natural oils in your scalp can act as a protective shield against harsh dyes. Not applying shampoo a few days before (including dry shampoos) allows the oil to completely coat your hair ultimately making it stronger.

If hair loss scares you, you might want to reconsider

There are chances that hair loss will occur even if you take care of them meticulously. At home, opt for a silky pillowcase to avoid breakage and additional falls.

Maintenance of platinum blonde

Apply much less shampoo

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Whether you’re the type of woman who shampoos daily, or can go a few days without washing your hair, you’ll want to limit the number of times, so the natural oils build up for a few days – it strengthens it. Indeed, you will notice that your hair does not become oily as easily as before, because bleached hair absorbs the natural oils of the scalp to hydrate itself.

Don’t overuse the conditioner either.

Even if your hair is much lighter, it won’t reflect light the way it used to. Using excessive conditioner has the same result as using dry shampoo – it takes the shine out of your hair and leaves it looking matte.

Avoid intense purple shampoos

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The intense pigmentation of these formulas, generally used to remove yellow tones and enhance a platinum blonde can give a purple tint to the hair. It is possible to dilute these types of shampoos by mixing them with a standard white formula until they take on a lighter shade of lavender to create a milder formula for your hair.

Pay attention to the choice of moisturizing oil

A shade as snowy as platinum blonde can take on the color of anything you put on it. If you insist on moisturizing your hair with oils, be sure to use an absolutely transparent formula. Oils usually have a yellowish tint and tinted oils can stain hair.

4 shades and styles of platinum blonde for women to try this fall!

The latest reincarnation of platinum blonde is unlike any version we’ve seen before. Ash colors have taken over this year’s hair trends, including a version called ash blonde. Subsequently, the ash platinum blonde has finally arrived. This new platinum color is on the cool end of the spectrum of icy blondes and smoky platinum blonde hair dye. Rather than the yellowed platinum of the past, these platinum shades are silver and smooth. With coloring techniques like balayage, the transition from ashy roots to bright platinum blonde looks smoother.

Platinum Blonde for Women with Dark Roots

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Unlike what it used to be, platinum blonde with dark roots is very trendy and allows you to drastically reduce color maintenance! You can add a golden tint to the platinum color to give it some sparkle.

Platinum blonde for women ‘smokey’

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Nothing heightens the mystery like smokey platinum hair. If you have gray, brown or blue eyes, this shade will make your eyes pop. If you have fair skin, this shade will compliment it perfectly.

Balayage or highlights in platinum blonde

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The platinum blonde balayage is simply stunning. It’s also a good way to see if you like what it looks like before going completely platinum. Plus, the light platinum color helps frame the face. If you want to show off your natural hair color, platinum highlights are one of the best ways to do it.

Platinum blonde ash

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This shade is a mix of platinum and ash blonde. This is an extremely sought after color right now. Ash blonde hair is just a little darker than platinum hair, and these two colors go together beautifully.

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How to maintain platinum blonde for women and what are the best shades?

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