Cultural Studies Review No. 9: Playing Marilyn

Character of many fictions as well as documentaries, image and icon, Marilyn Monroe poses a challenge of incarnation of size when she is interpreted in the theater. How to “play” on the boards this cinematic image whose body, voice and face are immediately recognizable? Which actresses, to play the many Marilyns – actress, singer, woman – that she has been? What are we playing anyway? Marilyn put into play is also replaying the part of a Marilyn played by men – producers, agents, journalists…Through articles, testimonies, interviews, excerpts from plays, this volume proposes to leave meeting these “theatre Marilyns”.


Foreword (C. François-Denève and Florence Fix)

Oh my lady Marilyn(Moni Grégo) excerpt
Oh my Lady Marilyn, (Moni Grégo) testimony of the author
“Marie-France or Marilyn: The actress, the woman and their doubles in the show MM Maggie Moon: But who was this little blonde? (1974)” (Alexandre Moussa, New Sorbonne University)
“Marie France or the Marilyn of the Mugler-Follies show-show” (Paul Warnery and Pierre Philippe-Meden, Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 University)
“Marilyn’s feminine, feminist and queer scenes: Organic Marilyn by Catherine Beilin, Marilyn Syndrome by Julie Picavant, Gwerz by Gwendal Raymond and Gilles Jacinto” (Muriel Plana, University of Toulouse)
Marilyn Inside (Céline Barcaroli), note of intent and interview with the author
Marilyn Insideinterview with Emma Barcaroli, interpreter of Marilyn

Marilyn, intimate (Claire Borotra), excerpt
Marilyn, intimate (Claire Borotra), testimony of the singer-songwriter
Marilyn Monroe – Interviews (Stéphanie Marc), testimony of the singer-songwriter
To be or not (solo) (Marie-Pierre Cattino), excerpt
To be or not (solo) (Marie-Pierre Cattino), testimony of the author
Norma Jeane (Pierre Glénat), excerpt
Norma Jeane (Pierre Glénat), author’s testimony
Marilyn, my grandmother and me (Céline Milliat-Baumgartner), testimony of the singer-songwriter
Marilyn’s Dream Or Shakespear’s Dreame (Elsa Solal), excerpt
Marilyn’s Dream Or Shakespeare’s Dream (Elsa Solal), testimony of the author

Seven days of reflection or the ghost of Marilyn (Renaud Maurin), excerpt
Seven days of reflection or the ghost of Marilyn (Renaud Maurin), author’s testimony
Norma Jeane (John Arnold), testimony by Marion Malenfant, performer
Marilyn in song (Sue Glover), excerpt
Marilyn in song (Sue Glover), testimony by Guy-Pierre Couleau, adapter and director
“Beneath the mask: deconstructing the Marilyn Monroe myth through the dream of theater (Krystian Lupa)” (Floriane Toussaint, University of Caen)
Mudith Monroevitz, the Ashkenazi reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe (Judith Margolin), testimony of the author-performer
Monroe (Frédéric Vossier), author’s testimony
For Marilyn (Marc Israel-Le Pelletier), excerpt
For Marilyn (Marc Israël-Le Pelletier), author’s statement
Double-M (Anne-Pascale Patris), excerpt
Double-M (Anne-Pascale Patris), testimony of the singer-songwriter

The Vertigo Marilyn (Olivier Steiner), excerpt
“From Rapture Vertige: when Marilyn Monroe and Isabelle Adjani wave to each other” (Arnaud Duprat de Montero, University of Rennes 2)
“Marilyn, I don’t know anymore” (Olivier Steiner, author)
The Vertigo Marilyn (Emmanuel Lagarrigue, scenographer)
“Why Marilyn?” (Isabelle Adjani, interpreter)

Cover photo: Isabelle Adjani in The Vertigo Marilyn2022 @Marcel Hartmann

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Cultural Studies Review No. 9: Playing Marilyn

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