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Despite the disappearance of her character at the end of the first “Avatar”, Sigourney Weaver plays a role again in “Avatar 2: the way of the water”. That of Kiri, a 14-year-old girl who seems to have a very strong connection with Pandora. Find out more about her with confessions from the actress and James Cameron.

Avatar 2: The Way of the Water is Coming

After thirteen (!) years of waiting, the sequel toAvatar of james cameron finally hits theaters on December 14. baptized The Way of the Water, it takes place about ten years after the events of the first film. We will find Jake and Neytiri now parents of a sibling forced to abandon their paradise in the forest of Pandora after the return of the GDR to the planet. Chased from their home, they will find refuge on the reefs with a new clan, the Metkayina, with customs different from their own. Above all, they will discover a new magical environment, populated by majestic creatures.

Avatar 2: The Waterway © 20th Century Studios

As its name suggests, much ofAvatar 2 will take place in an aquatic universe. And as James Cameron is a deep-sea enthusiast, he has developed technology to make underwater capture performance. The actors therefore shot entire sequences underwater for greater realism. Kate Winsletwho plays the chief of the Metkayina clan, even broke an apnea record.

The return of Sigourney Weaver

In the first film released in 2009, Sigourney Weaver played one of the main roles. That of Doctor Grace Augustine, in charge of the Avatar program, who had dedicated her career to the observation of the Na’vi people and the planet Pandora. At the end of the feature film, she would die and her consciousness was one with Eywa.

Against all odds, Sigourney Weaver returns to The Way of the Water in the skin of Kiri, a teenager adopted by Jake and Neytiri. This is the reincarnation of Grace Augustine.

Kiri (Sigourney Weaver) - Avatar 2 the way of the water
Kiri (Sigourney Weaver) – Avatar 2 the way of the water © 20th Century Studios

In an interview given to the magazine EmpireSigourney Weaver revealed details about her new character:

She has a deep love for all things in the world, fauna, flora, everything. This is also true when she is underwater. She feels in her element when she is in nature, and in contact with these different creatures (…) Jim made her a real teenager (…) I had to work very differently from usual, it was an exciting exercise for me.

Regarding how Grace Augustine was reincarnated, Sigourney Weaver remains hazyas she was when she learned she would be back in this sequel:

Even I wasn’t sure where Grace Augustine had gone with the images we saw (…) and I think James hadn’t decided either (…) he was trying just to find a story that would make sense. I was of course very happy to be reincarnated as another person.

James Cameron says more

In an interview given to EW on November 10, James Cameron said that Kiri had been conceived naturally “from the avatar of Grace Augustine” which was brain dead. She would therefore be more his daughter than his reincarnation.

In the first trailer, we discovered that Kiri had a very strong connection to Eywa and that she heard “his heartbeat”. See you in theaters on December 14 to find out more!

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Avatar 2: Sigourney Weaver says more about her character – CinéSéries

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