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With speculation that Hiro Shimono, Dabi’s Japanese voice actor in my hero academia and Zenitsu of demon slayer, will potentially voice the teenage Rudeus in Season 2 of Mushoku TenseiLight Novel Sales for Mushoku Tensei skyrocketed with fans wanting to read ahead to the point of massive delays.

Throughout the Light Novels, particularly in the latter half of the series, magic spells become exceptionally difficult to cast and powerful, depending on their mana cost. These are the most powerful spells based not only on effect, but also on versatility and ease of use in combat.

Supersonic Detonation

Sonic Boom is a mid-rank (rank 2) wind spell that allows the caster to unleash a strong gust of wind in a direction of their choosing. As an intermediate spell, it has a shorter casting time than larger spells and requires a fairly small amount of mana.

While Sonic Boom on its own is a fairly simple and generally weak spell, it has tremendous tactical use. Rudeus is constantly seen using Sonic Boom to evade and close in on his targets during combat. As Rudeus is physically weaker than a large majority of monsters and enemies as a mage, this gives him an edge and a movement advantage.

Flash Over

A Saint-ranked magic spell (Rank 4), Flash-Over is a fire spell that instantly covers a large area in flames. Most magicians in the world of Mushoku Tensei don’t have the mana capacity or skill to properly cast Saint Ranked spells, because the stronger the spell, the longer and more difficult the casting will be.

Most notably used in Book 7 of the light novels, Rudeus produces Flash-Over to wipe out a few dozen Luster Grizzlies at once during a quest to dispatch A-rated monsters. With Rudeus’ mana and ability level, it is said that his Flash-Over appeared to resemble a sea of ​​fire and reduced the majority of monsters to ashes.


A king ranked water spell (Rank 5), Lightning is the most advanced version of the Holy Cumulonimbus ranked spell and was first used by Roxy Greyrat, teacher of Rudeus Greyrat and the second most powerful water mage. of all. Mushoku Tensei only surpassed by Rudeus himself. Its mana requirement is so high that even Roxy with her rather immense mana pool can only cast the spell once a day before running out.

After casting the immensely difficult Cumulonimbus, the caster must then condense all magical power into a single, small focal point and then “drop” that power to the ground, producing a massive pillar of lightning capable of destroying most enemies and structures. . Although effective, it is difficult to use in hectic battles and best as bombardment magic.

Stone Cannon (Rudeus)

Stone Cannon is a mid-rank spell and the most advanced version of the beginner rank spell (Rank 1) Rock Bullet. Stone Cannon produces a typically fist-shaped stone that is fired at high velocity. Depending on how the spell is performed, the total power and speed of the projectile can be manipulated.

While most magicians don’t bother experimenting with the spell, Rudeus specializes in diversifying the spell into nearly endless combinations, non-lethal bullets, explosive shells, high-velocity bullets, superheated bullets, and many other variations, Stone Cannon makes Rudeus the equivalent of a one-man army. At its strongest, Rudeus produces a stone cannon powerful enough to physically destroy an Immortal Demon King with the power of an Imperial Rank (Rank 6) spell.

Manipulation of gravity

Although gravity manipulation has no actual incantation per se, the ability to magically manipulate gravity has been used by exactly two people in the series; Aleksander Raibaku and Rudeus Greyrat who accidentally used it in a moment of desperation. As a single spell with no true elemental rating, the difficulty of performing this spell can be assumed to be at least King Rated in difficulty.

The most effective use of gravity manipulation comes from the inherent ability of Aleksander’s sword “Dragon King Sword: Kakujuto”. Paired with Alek’s God Level Swordsmanship, he uses gravity manipulation to constantly have the upper hand in tactical moves and keep him from falling or staggering. This gave him the edge and the ability to fight and single-handedly defeat multiple King and Emperor level opponents.

“Nuclear Blast” (Rudeus)

A unique spell usable only by Rudeus Greyrat through imagination and voiceless incantations, Nuclear Explosion is a fire spell used by Rudeus imagining the biggest explosion he can conceptually think of and pouring out a massive amount of magical power. It is assumed to be at the destroyer level of an imperial rank spell, otherwise divine level (highest rank 7).

The nuclear blast is used by Rudeus against Dragon God Orsted in his attempt to destroy Orsted quickly and from afar. The spell’s outright destruction would have reduced half of a giant forest to ashes by only being cast nearby. It was used in both of Rudeus’ battles against Orsted, becoming much stronger and more refined in the second fight years later.

absolute zero

An Imperial rank water spell (Rank 6), Absolute Zero is the upgraded version of the advanced Frost Nova water spell with both spells used to instantly freeze a large area. The main difference between the two is that Frost Nova only freezes the outer layer of an object whereas Absolute Zero freezes the solid object down to its core.

Rudeus unknowingly uses Absolute Zero to freeze a large horde of monsters, a few dozen people, completely in their tracks. He had attempted to use Frost Nova, but in his desperation to save Roxy, he poured more magic than necessary. He only learned of the power of his spell when Roxy was shocked by the staggering level of power the spell possessed.

Dragon Gate

Dragon Gate is a unique spell used only by Orsted in Mushoku Tensei, but due to its connection to the dragon race, the ability to use this spell can also extend to other members of the dragon race such as the Armored Dragon King Perugius Dola. Its sheer power allows it to be used only sparingly throughout the story.

When summoned, a gate adorned with dragons is materialized, and it is able to instantly absorb and destroy large-scale bombardment magic. When first used, Orsted was amazed that Rudeus’ overall magic power when he used “Nuclear Blast” overwhelmed the door and caused it to crack open. This means that anything below at least King rank must be destroyed instantly.


Electric is a scaled down version of the Ranked King Spell Lightning and was created solely through Rudeus’ unique silent casting style. Since Rudeus’ Silent Cast relies on him to memorize the flow of mana through his body when performing a spell, Electric should only be able to be cast by him.

Although Electric has less destructive power than Lightning, its shorter magicka build time and more precise attack direction make it a much more versatile spell that reduces the chance of accidentally attacking allies. Regardless of its reduced damage, Electric has shown itself to be more than capable of knocking out or at least stunning much stronger enemies, many of whom boast immortality.

Disrupt the Magic

Disruption magic was first used by Orsted to undo many of Rudeus’ magic spells the first time they met and fought each other. After his devastating loss, Rudeus devoted himself to learning it and it became an indispensable tool in combating enemy magicians.

Disruptive magic is the directing of pure magical power at opponents, and if the opponent’s spell or accumulated magic is exceeded or overpowered by the magical power poured into disruptive magic, then it will be completely nullified and the magician himself even can be partially sealed. Rudeus usually uses this in tandem with his wide range of silent spell casting, and it also weakens his spells, but he has more than enough magic to overcome negation, as he has the greatest magic ability in history.

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