“Dancing with the stars”: moved to tears, Billy Crawford wins the final

After more than ten weeks of crazy dance parties, the candidates for “Dancing with the Stars” gave us a great colorful and friendly show. A joyful evening despite the very long advertising tunnels… As the presenter Camille Combal recalled, they were 12 at the start and this Friday evening, they were only three couples in the running for the final. Unsurprisingly, it was favorite Billy Crawford who won the precious sesame.

With his rider Fauve Hautot, the Filipino-American dancer obtained 53.5% of the public’s votes in front of the young Carla who danced with Pierre Mauduy. What a victory! That of the redemption of the star of the 2000s, now 40 years old, of the actor and the singer who experienced a very long slump and who is now enjoying a new youth on French soil! Champagne also for Fauve Hautot who signs his fourth victory in DALS. Last year she made the singer swing Taic.

When the results were announced, Billy Crawford ran into his wife’s arms. He who cried a lot throughout the evening received his victory in tears from the hands of Tayc. ” It’s a dream for me. This is for you my love, ”he said, looking at his wife. In front of him, Carla and Pierre have nothing to be ashamed of their performance but Billy Crawford was too strong. He really wanted to win.

Billy Crawford cried a lot this Friday evening (capture TF1)
Billy Crawford cried a lot this Friday evening (capture TF1)

Fauve had asked him to “seek out this madness”, he had promised him “to give everything”. Bet won from the first dance. On the most coveted parquet floor in France, live from studio 217 in Plaine Saint-Denis near Paris, they broke the house dancing to “Scream” by Janet and Michael Jackson in front of a hot audience like embers and acquired the beautiful Filipino brown.

“It looked like the reincarnation of Michael Jackson”

“Incredible this first performance”, ignited Camille Combal. “Extraordinary, it looked like the reincarnation of Michael Jackson”, chained judge Marie Agnès Gilot who awarded them a 10, just like Bilal Hassani. “One of the best performances of DALS” for the referent judge Chris Marques, who offered them his first 10 of the season. “Bravo, mastered, generous, fabulous but Billy was not 100%”, commented the star dancer François Alu. His 9 was booed by the crowd. That’s a total of 39!

On the hit “Jerusalem”, Stéphane Legar then rushed on the arm of Calisson Goasdoué. A very good performance but which did not arouse as much enthusiasm from the crowd. And even if the judges loved, “Sublime”, “magnificent risk-taking”, “a solar dancer”, their excellent score of 38 out of 40 was not enough to pass the second round. They left the competition smiling.

Carla, “a crazy finalist”

Facing them Carla Lazzari and Pierre Mauduy had set the bar very high. On a paso-doble, the 17-year-old who wore a flamboyant red dress looked stunning. Throwing herself into the arms of her dancer with grace, the young challenger dazzled the jurors. “You are a crazy finalist,” congratulated Chris Marques. For Bilal “It was magical. Carla, you have hypnotized us”. “Anger suits you so well. What artistic maturity! It was fabulous”, congratulated the prima ballerina François Alu, awarding him a 10. And here they are in the final with a very nice 39.

For the second part, Billy and Fauve went wild on “Foot loose” by Kenny Loggins. A frenzied dance that they performed in perfect harmony and which received two favorable opinions from the jurors. The other two preferred Carla’s very beautiful dance on “Give me time” by Jenifer.

On “Hell” by Stromae, a song he had already danced to, Billy ended up in tears kissing the floor. A magnificent and very moving performance, the Filipino singer having also been confronted with depression… For her last dance, Carla rushed to “Running up that hill” by Kate Bush and it was very beautiful. But she received a favorable opinion against three for Billy. The juries were not wrong…

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“Dancing with the stars”: moved to tears, Billy Crawford wins the final

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