Avatar 3: the three big questions that make you want to see the sequel to Avatar 2

Avatar 3 the three big questions that make you want

After thirteen years of waiting, Pandora came back to life with Avatar: The Waterway and this is only the beginning of a long adventure. WhileAvatar had a huge success in 2009, james cameron took its time to relaunch its saga on Pandora in order to best develop innovative technologies and impress us a little more … Read more

Avatar 2: who is Kiri’s father, played by Sigourney Weaver in the film?

1671869430 Avatar 2 who is Kiris father played by Sigourney Weaver

While she played Dr Grace Augustine in the first “Avatar”, Sigourney Weaver now plays Kiri, the latter’s teenage daughter in “The Way of the Water”. But who really is this mysterious character? Warning, spoilers! SPOILERS – Warning, the article below reveals potential spoilers. If you don’t want to know the content, please don’t read the … Read more

Avatar 2: The Way of the Water, a dazzling spectacle lasting almost 3h15

Avatar 2 The Way of the Water a dazzling spectacle

Ten years after the visual shock of Avatar in 3D, James Cameron immerses his digital epic under the sea for an extraordinary cinematic experience. Meeting – grandiose – with the team ofAvatar: The way of water. The sacred dimension of water is central to the philosophy of the film. © Prod. We must be ready … Read more

The cultural choices of the “Point”: dive into “Avatar” or dance on Broadway?

The cultural choices of the Point dive into Avatar or

Lhe room is microscopic, the decor reduced to a strict minimum, and yet, what a marvel! Marion Bierry has taken minute liberties with Corneille’s comic text, which, lighter, more alert, sometimes even cheerfully sung, thus reveals its modernity better than ever. The hyper-ingenious scenic device makes it possible to vary the depths of field and … Read more

Avatar: The Way of the Water – James Cameron – review

Summary : Jake Sully and Ney’tiri have formed a family and do everything to stay as close together as possible. However, they are forced to leave their homes and explore the different still mysterious regions of Pandora. When an old threat resurfaces, Jake will have to fight an uphill war against the humans. Critical : … Read more

“Avatar 2”: Is James Cameron signing a grandiose film with “The Way of the Water”?

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It took viewers 13 years to return to Pandora. Remember, in 2009, James Cameron unveiled the story of‘Avatar. An ambitious film with a substantial budget (315 million dollars) which had been thought up in 1995, during the preproduction of titanic. The feature film, when it was released, amazed the public thanks to its clever and … Read more

Avatar 2: The Way of the Water – review of a new revolution

Avatar 2 The Way of the Water – review of

pandora box “Pandora’s greatest danger is falling madly in love with it”. If these words are spoken by Jake Sully in the first seconds ofAvatar 2, difficult not to put them in the mouth of a James Cameron entirely devoted for more than fifteen years to the imaginary planet. Beyond the total control he exercises … Read more

“Avatar 2” : au-delà du tour de force technologique, “La Voie de l’Eau” conte-t-elle une belle histoire ?

Avatar 2 au dela du tour de force technologique La

Avatar 2 : La Voie de l’Eau aura droit à sa cohorte de superlatifs. Il faut dire que James Cameron est un habitué du genre : Terminator (1984), Aliens, le retour (1986), Titanic (1997) et Avatar (2009)… Le réalisateur canadien dispose d’un CV culte. Cette suite du gigantesque succès de 2009, qui a propulsé le … Read more

Avatar : les 10 grandes inspirations du film (et pourquoi c’est un faux débat)

Avatar les 10 grandes inspirations du film et pourquoi

Pocahontas, Danse avec les loups, Aquablue, Miyazaki… Avatar de James Cameron est-il pompé sur des classiques de littérature, BD et cinéma ? Et est-ce que c’est vraiment un problème ? Alors que le monde s’apprête à couler sous le raz-de-marée Avatar 2 : La Voie de l’eau, et compter les milliards au box-office que le … Read more