At the heart of the order of the solar temple: the shocking documentary La Secte is to be seen on Salto

As of today, the shocking documentary series “La Secte” is available on Salto. It reveals the sectarian spiral of the order of the solar temple which led to more than 70 people to their deaths in the 90s. So, is it worth a look?


30 years after the affair of the sect of the Order of the Solar Temple, this drama is still difficult to understand. Exclusive images from inside the sect, unpublished archives from the Swiss police and testimonies never before heard make it possible to decipher the sectarian spiral.

An event documentary series that shows us the slow and infernal mechanics of control and the difficulties of getting out of it for its followers.

The documentary series is available in full on September 16 on Salto. Number of episodes seen: 4/4.


With this documentary mini-series, dive into the heart of the murderous sect of the Order of the Solar Temple. In the 90s, this sect made the headlines due to numerous massacres in Switzerland, France and Canada. This affair is therefore probably not totally unknown to you since in 1995, 16 followers of the cult killed themselves in the Vercors massif, in a ritual that is still difficult to understand today.

Over the course of the four episodes, director Bruno Joucla (known for the documentary Tu seras mère ma fille), introduces us to never-before-seen archive images of the daily life of the indoctrinated within the sect’s private circle, but also of police investigations. . It also reveals the testimonies of people from the legal world (lawyer, examining magistrate, police officer, etc.), journalists, psychologists, former followers and relatives of former believers.

The documentary offers a retrospective of the events with no less than 20 totally moving testimonies which allow us to understand in part what took place in the greatest secrecy within the Order. This mini-series, however, only gives a few elements to understand what pushed so many followers to collectively commit suicide, certain aspects of the cult still remaining unexplained.

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If part of the mystery still remains, La Secte still allows us to realize the extent and consequences of such abuses and make us understand over the episodes that anyone can be indoctrinated. Indeed, between influence and manipulation, the striking interviews of Yannick Jaulin (follower from 1985 to 1992) and Charles Dauvergne (former high dignitary of the Order who was one of the 20 members of the “upper circle”) shed light on the methods used by the gurus Luc Jouret and Jo Di Mambro.

In their testimonies, they return to the different stages of an individual but also collective drift towards esoteric beliefs and the hope of reincarnation in a better life. Spectators must therefore somehow accept the irrational part of the followers in order to blend into their logic and ultimately try to understand it.

The immersion offered by the documentary can be disconcerting for the spectators since they discover chilling images such as the discovery of the bodies of the indoctrinated or even the daily life of these people at the tragic end. One passage is particularly poignant, focusing on the life of a little girl perceived as the messiah who was sadly murdered during the massacres.

It is therefore necessary to be well prepared psychologically before embarking on the mini-series which will certainly not leave anyone indifferent.

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At the heart of the order of the solar temple: the shocking documentary La Secte is to be seen on Salto

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