World Cup 2022: alcohol, sex, drugs allowed?

The 2022 World Cup is the attraction of the year because of the period of the tournament. A few months before the start, the Qatari authorities applied to foreign visitors several laws aimed at respecting the integrity of the country. Discover here the laws in force during this World Cup.

The alcohol

Drinking alcohol or being intoxicated is one of the offenses punishable by Qatari measures. However, the authorities have announced that they will apply a tolerance threshold for foreign fans at the next World Cup. Note that the license to purchase alcohol in bars is exclusively reserved for residents. This is why supporters must fall back on the fan zones as well as a few restaurants and bars around the arenas. In these different places, the beer of a sponsor of the world will be served.

In addition, alcohol will be available in arena boxes of the World Cup, but it will be prohibited in the other stands. It is therefore necessary to consume alcohol while bearing in mind that the law severely punishes the fact of being drunk in public places.


Regarding sex outside marriage, the authorities of Qatar have clarified that there will be no no exceptions. This rule applies not only to the players, but also to the supporters. In other words, there will be no one-night stands at the World Cup. Also, there will be no party during this tournament.

Everyone is therefore called upon to keep a cool head so as not to find themselves in the nets of Qatari justice. Fans must therefore prepare for the occasion. On the other hand, signs of affection in public such as hugging, holding hands or kissing are prohibited. In short, for the very first time in the history of the world, sex is prohibited.


Qatari law is particularly strict on drug use. There will be no exception for visitors. All those who will be present at the World Cup must respect the law in force.

In Qatar, the law provides sentences up to life imprisonment for drug users. As for traffickers, they risk the death penalty. In this context, several football federations have warned their supporters of the penalties they incur by consuming or bringing drugs to Qatar.


Qatar is strictly against the lifestyle of the LGBT community. Indeed, the Criminal Code establishes that homosexual relations or sodomy are offenses punishable by penalties of up to 7 years in prison. According to Amnesty International, if convicted, the death penalty can be applied for Muslims.

According to Abdullah Al Ansari, (Head of Security for the World Cup), it is prohibits a supporter from waving a rainbow flag in a stadium. The reason is that he can be attacked by another supporter. This is why he asks for discretion from members of the LGBT community, because they are in the country for the tournament and not to demonstrate.

The dress code

Qatar is a conservative country where women are dependent on men’s decision, even on how to dress. As for the style during this tournament, Qatari officials recommend modesty. Western clothing is accepted, but knees and shoulders must be covered.

Furthermore, skirts above the knee, shorts, deep necklines or tight-fitting clothes are prohibited. These elements are all things fans should know before flying to Qatar.

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World Cup 2022: alcohol, sex, drugs allowed?

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