Numerology: what the intimate number reveals

In numerology, what is the intimate number?

As its name suggests, the intimate number falls within the private sphere. It gives insight into a person’s inner personality, true motivations and hidden talents…and can be useful in uncovering your partner’s ambitions and seeing if you’re compatible in the intimate sphere. The intimate number is also called spiritual momentum.

How to calculate your intimate number?

The calculation of the intimate number is made from the name and surname of a person or, more precisely, from the vowels of the first and last name. In the Pythagorean table (below), each letter corresponds to a number: just note the numerical value corresponding to each letter then add all the numbers. The result exceeds 9? We reduce by adding the digits of the number obtained. Except for the numbers 11, 22 or 33 which cannot be reduced in numerology.

Pythagorean table

Example : For Marie Dupont, we note the vowels. A, I, E, U, O. So A + I + E + U + O = 1 + 9 + 5 + 3 + 6 = 24. And 2 + 4 = 6. The intimate number of Marie Dupont is 6.

What does my intimate number mean?

Sasha Fenton, author of a book on numerology* deciphers the meaning of each number and intimate number.

Ambitious, determined, confident… You can spend so much time trying to succeed in your job that you can neglect your family and love life.

Generous, kind, caring… but also very vulnerable. In your friendly and romantic relationships, you need to be comforted and reassured.

Gifted with talent and a very good sense of humor, you are a reliable friend. But your fear of failing, of appearing weak, of being rejected can handicap you.

Homebody, attached to your family cocoon and your comfort, you are also sensitive and easily hurt. But your shyness sometimes overwhelms you.

You are studious, curious and love to learn things. For you, romantic relationships are rarely easy, because they can be too overwhelming.

Your worst enemy? It’s you ! because you tend to be very critical of yourself and lack self-confidence. Considered a pillar by your loved ones and your family, you often put the needs of others before others. In your relationships, you need support, compliments… and finding the right partner can take time.

You like to be perceived as mystical and endowed with knowledge that ordinary people do not have. Your favorite areas? Religion, mysticism or philosophy. Not a fan of contradictions, you tend to run away from those who don’t go your way.

Your sense of organization and your ability to manage events command admiration. Reverse of the medal? You find it hard to relax and lose your temper in the face of obstacles. Don’t ignore your need to disconnect!

Handyman, clever, resourceful… you love taking up challenges! But you may not be so brilliant in personal relationships…

You trust only yourself and therefore make your decisions alone, assuming them. Having a keen sense of justice, you like to make yourself useful and feel indispensable.

Attracted by architecture, construction, agriculture or civil engineering? Not surprising because you love creating beautiful, useful things. Your love life is harmonious… as long as there is peace at home!

Benevolence and your middle name. You are more spiritual than materialistic…and very generous! Beware of those who might abuse your kindness.

For further. The Keys to Esotericism – Numerology, by Sasha Fenton at Albin Michel editions. 144 pages. €14.90.

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Numerology: what the intimate number reveals

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