Astrology: These zodiac signs are most likely to divorce in 2022.

If a couple’s idea of ​​their relationship doesn’t go the same way, it may break up and you end up divorcing.

However, there are a few Zodiac signs who are likely to lean towards divorces and therefore divorce. Learn more about it here.


Aries are always looking for an emotional connection with their partner, especially after the marriage. But they are also very direct and do not like to beat around the bush. Therefore, when there is a lack of passion and understanding with their partner, they will opt for a mutual separation and a divorce at the key.

divorce Aries


The twin flame is practical when it comes to choosing your partner. Before giving way to their own emotions, they like to consider the direction their relationship with their partner. Therefore, when they feel that it is useless to invest more time or money in a relationship, they decide to separate. The instability in the marriage won’t make them think twice before deciding to divorce.

divorce gemini


When Leos get married, they value loyalty a lot. They are also loyal what they expect from their partner. However, if they ever find out that their partner is cheating on them, they won’t just sit back and run the relationship on their own. Disloyalty will certainly cause a Leo to ask for the divorce.

divorce lion


Scorpios have a very dominating personality and possessive who often tends to tie up their partner. It is because they try to impose a lot of restrictions on their partner that they are likely to divorce. Scorpios themselves could ruin their relationship.

divorce scorpio


Pisces are afraid of misunderstandings; they are loyal beings and they expect their partner to trust them. They tend to build their relationship around a lot of patience but, as soon as they feel like they’re not getting the same kind of love in return that they invest in their partner, they’re likely to end it. and to divorce.

divorce fish

Also, if they suspect their partner of being secretive and distant, they decide to launch an investigation. If their suspicions turn out to be correct, they will not take the time to think about their relationship and decide to divorce.

The 10 most common causes of divorce

The figures are alarming: in France, 45% of marriages end in divorce. How to explain such a high percentage? Here are the 10 most common causes that lead to a married couple to separate :

1. Lack of communication

Numerous couples live together but do not communicate or share anything. The danger is that instead of growing together, people take different paths and end up falling apart. Do not hesitate to have a discussion heart open with his partner in order to maintain the link.

divorce zodiac

2. Differences of opinion in matters of finances leads to divorce.

Although the promise marriage is to love each other in wealth or poverty, differences of opinion and/or behavior in matters of money can lead to divorce. Indeed, if one is thrifty and the other a spendthrift, it can make sparks: come to an agreement before saying “I want it”.

3. Don’t marry for love

Whether of a hasty marriage for one reason or another, an arranged marriage or otherwise, the lack of love is often the cause of the failure of a union. Indeed, when times are hard, it is love that binds the couple that drives them forward and keeps them together.

4. Constant feedback

Of course, you can’t love everything about each other, and criticism can improve the relationship and make you aware of certain things. However, if the criticism becomes constant, the person may feel belittled and walk away, which will ultimately destroy the marriage. That’s why it’s important to focus on the positive, flatter your partner, and accept that no one is perfect.

5. Lack of intimacy leads to divorce.

Sex is just as important as anything else for maintaining a marriage. If the couple has problems or a lack of sex, it can lead to the end of the relationship. Feeling wanted by your partner is what keeps couples together.

6. Infidelity

Infidelity is the first cause of divorce. There’s nothing wrong with letting your eyes wander here and there, but pass addition can have disastrous consequences. Take a step back: is an extramarital affair worth jeopardizing years of love and togetherness?

7. Midlife crisis leads to divorce.

The midlife crisis affects men between the ages of 40 and 50. They achieved their professional goals, their children have left home and all they have left is their partner. The routine resumes on it and it’s crisis. People want to feel young again and do stupid things, which can lead to the loss of marriage.

8. Jealousy through social media

Recent studies have shown that social media can have serious consequences on relationships under 3 years old. Partners spend their time spying on each other on social media and many problems can arise which can lead to separation.

9. Emotional and physical abuse leads to divorce.

Respect is essential in a relationship. If your partner does not respect you and even abuses you emotionally or physically, then you should immediately seek help and distance yourself.

10. Mental issues

Gambling, alcohol, depression or other addictions mental illnesses can put the couple at risk. It is therefore important that psychological disorders are taken into account and treated for the good of the concerned person, but also for the sake of the relationship. The relatives must encourage the fragile person to seek treatment, they must be an additional support for them.


Although the elements listed above can lead to the failure of a marriage, it is not inevitable. Pay attention to some signs and make sure problems are solved before it’s too late. Divorce is difficult for partners and children, so it is important to do everything possible possible for the marriage to work for many years.

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Astrology: These zodiac signs are most likely to divorce in 2022.

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