Numerology: Discover the numerological moods of your year 2021

Knowing in order to foresee in order to be able – Auguste Comte

2021: Universal Year 5 (2+0+2+1 = 5)

In Numerology, the year 5 is the “middle” year, the one that allows us to move from one state to another with “Freedom” as our watchword! Everyone needs to move, to change, to evolve, to travel and to find their right place. A whirlwind, even hurricane year, so we stay aligned as much as possible. As with any adventure, we keep the minimum so as not to weigh ourselves down and we adapt to movements, changes, opportunities, encounters. Of course we avoid any excess that would destabilize too much, and we welcome renewal.

Emperor IIII who forced us to go back to basics, to stay safe, gives way to Pope V who accompanies us and invites us to move forward.

Calculate the number of your personal year in 2021

To know your personal year in 2021, just add 5 to your day and month of birth. You were born on June 22, 22(day) + 6(month) = 28 = 2+8 = 10 = 1+0 = 1

1 + 5 = 6

2021 will therefore be for you a personal year 6

The numerological atmospheres of 2021 according to Isabelle Lefebvre

To be found with lots of other information on Isabelle’s website

  • You get the number 1:

Let’s go for a new cycle of 9 years. 2021 will allow you to exploit new ideas and new projects. So welcome to this wind of novelty! Let yourself be carried away, welcome what the year brings you, seize the opportunities, rejoice in new encounters but don’t go too fast, you have the whole year to fulfill yourself, take the time necessary to choose. Consider your needs and listen to your heart with each of your choices. All these changes must aim to build a new life for you, in accordance with your deepest desires and to bring you the balance and harmony you need. Finally don’t forget yourself and don’t forget to take care of yourself, you are the most important person in your life, this year even more than the others.

  • You get the number 2:

A year to grow and to strengthen everything you have put in place in 2020. Do not hesitate to seek help, whether material, financial, friendly or moral, as long as this association allows you to sustain your businesses. , strengthen your bases and soothe your daily life. Show tolerance, patience and conciliation, avoid misunderstandings, misunderstandings and power struggles. How ? Simply by communicating! Don’t give up and jeopardize what you started by aiming for unrealistic goals or thinking the grass is greener elsewhere. On the contrary, appreciate your achievements and do not lose sight of the security and stability you need to assert yourself and gain self-confidence.

  • You get the number 3:

A year under the sign of speed, novelty, action… phew, things are changing and things are finally moving!! What dynamism and what enthusiasm! New ideas, new encounters, new opportunities. Your situation is changing, success, expansion and success can be there, provided you keep the balance, stay fair in everything and avoid any excess or excessiveness that could destabilize you and cause you to lose weather. Sort through your ideas, don’t disperse yourself, focus your energy on those that you can really achieve or build. Finally, don’t put pressure on yourself, each day is enough. Without extremism or selfishness, you will succeed in carrying out your projects, making them a reality, improving your daily life and harmonizing your emotional relationships.

  • You get the number 4:

A year to build, to redefine your bases. Welcome all the changes, movements and mutations that are looming, taking care to keep your security. Momentary blockages will punctuate the year, as will unforeseen events and quick releases. These moments will be an opportunity to prove your determination or to offer you another path, a path you would not have thought of. Above all, don’t give up! Aim for the concrete, no room for illusion, stay structured, develop your adaptability. This year will prove to be very constructive if you live it fully, giving meaning to your projects and being satisfied at each stage. On the other hand, don’t forget to get some air and rest to recharge your batteries, because you will need to be aware at all times.

  • You get the number 5:

To move it will move !! What agitation !! You will feel the need to detach yourself from all your chains, from everything and those that weigh you down or prevent you from moving forward in all areas (professional, material, personal, etc.). Freedom being your goal, welcome everything that can allow you to evolve, be curious and opportunistic. So let yourself be carried away by all these beneficial and liberating changes, don’t hold anything back or accelerate anything, just adapt and be spontaneous. Then, when you have enough new elements to do so, you will define yourself the direction you want to take since you also benefit from a freedom of action which makes everything possible.

  • You get the number 6:

Lots of questions on all subjects and therefore choices to be made which are not always easy… First you will have to put your finger on the real and good questions. It is only when you have identified what you really want to change that you can reflect, build plans to determine the best strategy to apply. You get it, you’ll have to take your time. Let the year gradually bring you solutions, sometimes “chance” invites itself and reveals the obvious. The objective of the year is to strengthen you, to make you gain self-confidence, to readjust your priorities, and to redefine your role and your commitments. Finally, in order to choose consciously, listen to your heart and your intuition.

  • You get the number 7:

A short break ? In any case you will need to slow down, take a step back, let go. The time is excellent for studies, research, travel, reflection. On the other hand, do not let the mind spin in a vacuum. If you are constantly thinking, you risk locking yourself into your thoughts, your beliefs, your certainties and limiting your possibilities. On the contrary, do not foresee everything, leave room for intuitions, they can lead you to work on the development of audacious projects or to concretize old ideas that have come out of your hat. The objective of the year is also to change your habits and create a future that suits you better, so don’t be stubborn, take another look. Finally, don’t forget to express yourself and communicate, avoid isolating yourself.

  • You get the number 8:

The alarm clock rings, it is a year of significant changes, sometimes radical transformations. The concrete, the material, the financial are in the front line. New ideas, new concepts can arise. The dynamism that reigns gives even more speed to the actions and the energy that you put into what you undertake makes everything possible. Caution is therefore required and the risks must be calculated Of course, tensions are omnipresent, do not forget to take a breather from time to time and to accept or even ask for help. No impulsiveness or haste or excess, but strategy and audacity, don’t take your eyes off your objective(s)! The expansion can be surprising, the fall too!

  • You get the number 9:

The change is mostly internal. A journey into the depths of your being in order to sort out, to put an end to situations, relationships, modes of operation, activities that no longer suit you. You will sweep away your today to heal your past and welcome your tomorrow. Certainly a lot of emotions, a lot of questions, but an obvious and very clear need for you to move on, to transform your life. It is a time of renewal which will reveal, as the months go by and encounters, new desires, new needs, new concepts, new positive and promising horizons. So a bit like the time of a moult, let yourself be carried away and give time to time.

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Numerology: Discover the numerological moods of your year 2021

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