Numerology: what does the number of the day of birth mean?

The numerology is interested in symbolic language of numbers. And whatever they are! Each number, date can be associated with different interpretations depending on the context but not only… Sometimes considered as a pseudo-science, sometimes occult and/or fanciful beliefs, numerology is far from unanimous. What does it matter! For fans, all the numbers have a meaning!

What is the number of the day of birth?

As all numbers have a meaning, the day of birth is no exception! what is the number of day of birth ? It should not be confused with the number of life or the life path, both linked to the date of birth. If the way of life is one of the most basic principles of numerology, the number of life – a little less known – gives characteristics on the character, the personality, the strong and weak points… The particularity of the number of the day of birth? It only takes into account the number of the day on which one was born (and not the month or the year)! It is therefore very easy to find his number of the day of birth! The idea is that the day of the month in which you were born influences your character.

Example: born on April 12, 1975. Number of the day of birth: 12 / born on August 30, 2000. Number of the day of birth: 30

What my birthday says about me

  • If you were born on a 1st, 10 19 or 28. Number of the day: 1

Characteristics: honest, active, happy and friendly.

If your number for the day is 1, you like to be active and your mind is constantly racing. You have no trouble evolving and adapting, which makes you able to put an end to old friends and make new ones. You may be an author, journalist or traveler.

  • Born on a 2, 11,20, or 29. Number of the day: 2

Characteristics: dreamer, a bit artistic and altruistic.

You don’t like being alone so much. You are happiest in a partnership or in the company of other people, but you have an inner life. You are a reliable friend who enjoys helping others. You can’t hold still and you’re inconstant. You therefore like to travel and explore new universes.

  • Born a 3.12, 21.30. Number of day 3

Characteristics: sociable, determined.

You work hard, are productive, which allows you to succeed in your work or profession. You really have good judgment and are able to inspire others. You fight for justice for others. Being sociable, you have great friends there when you need them. Overall, your life will be fulfilled and successful.

  • Born a 4,13, 22 or 31. Number of the day: 4

Characteristics: original, rebellious and committed.

You have a rebellious soul and seek to improve the world. Certainly, but you are not a destructive person for fun and know how to be wise. You have original ideas and like to be different.

  • Born on August 5.14, 23. Number of the day: 5

Characteristics: dynamic, invested.

You find it difficult to stay in place (for a long time). Young (at least in your head), you love children and they love you! You may like religion or places associated with it. The job for you ? In the sport environment or a profession characterized by change.

  • Born a 6.15, or 24. Number of the day: 6

Characteristics: Creative, playful, involved.

Endowed with an artistic sense, you have the soul of a creative person and that’s good because it’s an area in which you get involved. Of a playful nature, you love to love and make others happy; conversely to flee clashes and headaches. Taken apart? You often have trouble finding the right arguments to defend yourself.

  • Born a 7.16 or 25. Number of the day: 7

Characteristics: intuitive, curious, enduring.

Your 6th sense is one of your best weapons. The problem? It’s that others don’t hear it that way and we sometimes tend to find you weird. You like to travel and discover interesting people and places and make some decisions on the spur of the moment. You are able to put up with a lot and make great sacrifices for a cause that is right for you.

  • Born an 8.17 or 26. Number of the day: 8

Characteristics: loving, ambitious, thoughtful.

People think you’re cold but it’s quite the opposite: your good, loving and benevolent heart is hidden behind a shell that makes you look tougher than you are. You are ambitious, hardworking and can accomplish a lot, but tend to overdo it and burn out. Act without thinking? Very little for you: you prefer to carefully weigh the elements at your disposal before making your decisions.

  • Born a 9.18, or 27. Number of the day: 9

Characteristics: loving, idealistic, involved.

You are aware of your qualities… and refuse to be stepped on or looked down on! Ditto for your loved ones: you step up to defend them and make sure they are well. You have leadership qualities. Reliable professionally and family. A bit idealistic, you will surely flourish working for the good of humanity or the future of the planet.

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Numerology: what does the number of the day of birth mean?

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