Here is your horoscope for this Monday, May 16, 2022: love, money, work, health…

What day should you expect emotionally, financially or healthily? Check it out below with our complete horoscope, sign by sign.

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Love: If you live in a relationship, put your pride aside and make some concessions. This will unblock the situation and you can move on. The problems will seem less to you if your loved ones adopt the same attitude. If you are a heart to take, do not pass up the opportunity to meet because of your attitude a little too rigid.

Work-Money: You fully intend to complete your project. Your collaborators will help you, but don’t take unnecessary risks. It will be necessary to play finely so that the result is perfect. In the material domain, the astral climate does not suggest a return of money. You will therefore have to be vigilant with regard to the balance of your budget.

Health: Get some fresh air. You really need some fresh air and a bit more time for your hobbies. Right now everything revolves around your home and your work, you have to know how to breathe and relax. Give yourself breaks.

Mood: Need to take action.

Tip: Be a little flexible with those around you and you’ll see that the mood will improve.


Love: You will feel somewhat smothered by your loved ones and you will feel the need to get away from the family circle a little. There are risks of dispute. Don’t make a decision on a whim. Single, trust your instincts.

Work-Money: You will have to be more combative in your dealings with others, especially your superiors if you want to be heard. Don’t come complaining afterwards while you remain dumb as a carp when you should take a stand!

Health: You need rest. A few days of vacation would do you the greatest good.

Mood: No change in sight!

Advice: Do your accounts, you will avoid unpleasant surprises.


Love: The stars will favor the romantic adventures of single people. As a couple, you will make sure to be less nervous with your partner and to be more attentive.

Work-Money: You can expect a lot of material and professional satisfaction. But beware of blissful triumphalism.

Health: Jagged tone.

Mood: Still some effort!

Advice: Make the decision to break your bad habits: stop smoking for example or biting your nails!


Love: You do not necessarily advocate fidelity and you prefer to enter into dangerous games. Beware of the consequences which would obviously hurt loved ones.

Work-Money: Things are changing a bit in the professional world, but don’t decide anything for the moment. Know how to be ready for any eventuality but do not rush things. If changes need to be made, you will be the first informed.

Health: Good overall but beware of ambient viruses!

Mood: Great opportunities today.

Tip: You know that smoking is bad for your health. Think about the savings you will make if you stop!


Love: Today, your excessive susceptibility could do you harm. Take it upon yourself, not everything revolves around your navel, as you both fear and hope. Your partner needs you to give them a little more attention or time.

Work-Money: In the professional sector, do not let yourself be manipulated. Some people might try to twist the truth to get their way. Keep your sense of reality and follow your instincts. Your success will depend entirely on you today. Have a clear mind.

Health: Good vitality. You will be very dynamic and your morale will be at the top. It’s your great nervousness that could ruin everything! You will have to find a way to decompress quickly!

Mood: Rather gloomy day.

Tip: You know what you like! So don’t buy out of spite if you can’t find what you want.


Love: You will be tempted to question the feelings that bind you to your partner. Temporary phase of doubts or real change in your heart? Think carefully.

Work-Money: Whatever the cost, you intend to succeed and you will give yourself the means to do so. Be careful not to clean things up too radically around you all the same; the ambitions achieved by crushing everyone do not have the same flavor.

Health: A little too nervous, play sports to relax.

Mood: Day of questioning.

Tip: Treat yourself to a breath of fresh air. You really need to oxygenate yourself. Reconnect with nature.


Love: You will have to move forward instead of dwelling on the past with nostalgia. Give your relationship a new chance after difficult weeks.

Work-Money: You have every reason to complain about an unexpected work overload. Don’t worry though, you can count on your colleagues. You might even get through some cases sooner than expected!

Health: You will feel a slight stress. To avoid anxiety, use alternative medicine.

Mood: This day will not go down in history!

Tip: Feel free to wear bright colors, especially if the weather is gloomy. It’s good for morale !


Love: Your family relationships will be more spontaneous than usual. As a couple, you will fully enjoy an idyllic climate, without worrying about anything. Single, your loves will benefit from a nice boost from the planets.

Work-Money: You are in a creative phase which infuses you with beneficial energies. They must be exploited. You will be driven by a superb entrepreneurial spirit and you will approach this period with a spirit of steel. Your results will be encouraging.

Health: Stress is permanent. It’s time to think about slowing down.

Mood: You have your work cut out for you!

Tip: Don’t start a project on a whim. Take time for reflection.


Love: Your love life is pretty quiet. Single, you will tire of dragging your feet on the path of a love that never comes. Have fun ! Friends are good too!

Work-Money: You want to go a little too fast. The tasks you will have to perform require a lot of precision. Control your impulsiveness or you will inevitably make mistakes.

Health: Good nervous resistance.

Mood: Patience required today!

Advice: You need a lot of energy, so favor carbohydrates to avoid fatigue.


Love: Single, take your chance! You will live on a small cloud. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll want to reaffirm your feelings, but tensions may arise. It is true that you will often seek to impose your will.

Work-Money: You may have the opportunity to take a trip or a trip from which you will benefit. A transfer or even a temporary replacement could well put your foot in the stirrup.

Health: Good resilience overall. The astral climate could make you even more greedy than usual.

Mood: The atmosphere will be pleasant.

Tip: Keep your feet on the ground even if everything seems to be working for you so far. Be careful.


Love: So show your partner that you are ready to sacrifice a little of your dear freedom! Your love life looks more serene than recently. No more tension! Single, you will turn into an ace of virtual seduction! Will you be able to transform the trial when the time comes to move on to real life?

Work-Money: Your ideas will surprise your colleagues. Take advantage of this energy to present your projects to your superiors. Your efforts will be crowned with success, so do not hesitate to try hard. An interesting proposal may be made to you.

Health: The tone will not fail you. You will feel ready to move mountains!

Mood: You have the wind in your sails!

Tip: Don’t feel like you have to accept invitations you don’t want!


Love: You have the wind in your sails, take advantage of it! This day will be extremely promising in the love sector, you should not miss any chance.

Work-Money: Your professional situation worries you and takes up all your energy. You won’t have much time to devote to other areas, but you won’t be able to keep your head constantly in your files! Get some air!

Health: Risk of allergic disorders.

Mood: Difficult day to manage.

Tip: Do some tidying up before you get swamped with paperwork whether at work or at home.

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Here is your horoscope for this Monday, May 16, 2022: love, money, work, health…

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