Meditation box: the best models for controlling stress

Why and how to do meditation?

Meditation is an ancient practice that originated in India over 5,000 years ago. The discipline then spread to Asia as well as to the rest of the world. Its arrival in the West dates from the 18th century. If meditation has been so successful, it is because it provides many benefits for both mental and physical health. By meditating regularly, you can:

Reduce the risk of depression;

Effectively relieve anxiety and stress;

Reduce the symptoms of chronic pain;

Strengthen the ability to concentrate;

Mastering emotions more effectively;

Improve sleep.

Since there are several types of meditations, you should choose the one that best suits your needs. If you are still a beginner in the field, it is best to sign up for meditation sessions to better familiarize yourself with the technique. Later, you can do your meditation at home.

Among the types of meditation, the most practiced include:

Vipassana meditation;

Zen meditation;

Transcendental meditation;

Mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness meditation is the most widespread, because its effectiveness is scientifically proven. It basically involves focusing on the present moment. This allows the practitioner to make rational and confident decisions.

The practice can be done in different ways according to the desire of each. Some people meditate while walking, while others sit or lie down. To facilitate meditation, it is advisable to use meditation boxes such as the Morphée box.

This meditation box is often recommended by therapists to help patients achieve better results. The morphée box is a very elegant box with a wooden shell. It contains several sessions with different relaxation exercises. Three different keys are provided to select the duration of the session, the theme as well as the session number.

Our choice: the meditation box with more than 500,000 users

The Dodow meditation box is one of the most used models on the market. Indeed, the number of users currently exceeds 500,000 people. It is for this reason that it is our favorite. In addition, it is very handy with its weight of only 180 grams. Dodow is primarily for people who have difficulty falling asleep at night. Likewise, if you are subject to stress, nocturnal awakenings or insomnia during pregnancy, this meditation box will be of great use to you. It is even possible to use it with children over 6 years old.

What especially seduced us with Dodow is that it has an attractive design. In addition, its gray and white color promotes sleep. After about twenty minutes, the device switches off automatically so as not to inflate your energy consumption unnecessarily.

The meditation box to easily get back to sleep

The Morphee meditation and sophrology box is one of our favorites thanks to its efficiency. It is for this reason that this type of meditation box is in demand on the market. By choosing this model, you will easily and quickly get back to sleep. Its biggest advantage is that it gives you a deep and restorative sleep. This will significantly improve your daily health.

What especially seduced us with Morphee is that it is customizable. You can choose between 210 types of sessions to make it easier for you to reach your goal. In addition, 8 different themes are offered according to your preferences. You have in particular the body scan, the breathing, the movement, the visualization, the cardiac coherence or the sounds of nature. You can also choose relaxing music to get back to sleep more quickly.

It should be noted that this model does not work with a smartphone or other mobile application in order to avoid the emission of waves.

The bowl set for better relaxation

This Zenamaste Tibetan bowl box is particularly aimed at all those who are looking for better relaxation while eliminating stress. What we appreciate the most with this Tibetan bowl is that it is not only used for meditation. It is also a beautiful decorative accessory to install in your living room for example. The box consists of a singing bowl with a diameter of 8.9 cm, a wooden mallet with synthetic suede protection, a cushion and a storage box.

This model that we present to you is handcrafted. It is specially designed by Nepalese artisans. This guarantees its reliability.

The meditation box for boys and girls

My little morphée box meditation Especially aimed at children from 3 to 10 years old. This meditation box from the Morphee brand particularly won us over with its effectiveness. Indeed, with this model, your children will fall asleep quickly. During the day, they will be calmer and more relaxed. Like most Morphee brand products, this meditation box is also customizable. It consists of 192 sessions which are divided into 128 meditative journeys, 16 soft music, 32 meditations and 16 sounds of nature. This guarantees a better result for your children.

The white noise machine for adults and infants

Renpho white noise machine is part of our best selection of meditation boxes. It impressed us with its various features. Indeed, it is not only used to improve the quality of sleep. It also helps you relax and have better concentration on a daily basis. In particular, it offers 7 white noise sounds, 11 fan sounds and several natural sounds such as birdsong or sounds of the ocean, wind, thunder or rain.

With a dimension of 3.11 X 3.11 x 2.36 inches, you can easily carry it when traveling or in the office. Equipped with a 1400 mAh battery, this Renpho white noise machine has a battery life of 9 hours. For better comfort of use, this meditation box works with a timer. You can continue to listen to the noise for 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

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Meditation box: the best models for controlling stress

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