Lahochi energy care: why and how to initiate yourself to become the doctor of yourself and your loved ones

Paradoxically, the more we become communicative thanks to new technologies, the more the messages we send out become hollow, devoid of meaning. It parodies relationships and instead immerses people in a virtual reality. The impact of this situation on our mental and physical health is dangerous. Therefore, the return to the good practices of the ancients has impressive benefits and hope that ad hoc energy therapies are the shortcut to well-being. Within the wide range of simple techniques are meditation, reiki, feng shui practice and many others. Lately, the energy care lahochi (LaHoChi) is gaining momentum, recognized for its simplicity, its power and its effectiveness. What is it and how to learn about this energy therapy, this article will show you the benchmarks.

Why use lahochi energy healing? Quesaco?

As a result of stress, which in turn causes diseases of the body and the brain, we look for ways that would help us find balance and harmony. Focus on healthy living! First step: supplement the body boosting it with tonic foods.

Second approach: use the biofields that everyone has within them to circulate the energies freely inside and around the body. To this end, lahochi energy healing is the lifeline that can restore good physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Lahochi is an energy therapy technique, impressive and accessible to all without any prerequisites, which can be taught over a single day and gives all the tools necessary to practice energy care of remarkable quality for oneself or for the others.

You may be surprised if we tell you that incredible potential “sleeps” within each of us waiting to be awakened.

The high frequency at which the Lahochi energy treatment works makes it possible to understand the foundations and depth of this therapy system.

The = Light and Love of God/Goddess/Spirit

Whoa = Movement

Chi = Vital force which is the “ki” in Japanese

So, despite the difference, one can look for the common between reiki and lahochi.

What is the difference between Reiki and Lahochi?

lahochi energy healing unblocking imbalanced energy fields traumatic events

The latter can be explained by the movement of light through the body at the speed of Love to create a conscious connection of the heart center and the higher mind. It is a powerful yet gentle form of energy balancing that allows the body to create its natural healing activations. The energy that the two methods channel is different. By practicing LaHoChi energy care, we call on the master Lao Tseu, while via Reiki, we channel the energy of the Universal.

LaHoChi reweaves the energy field by repairing holes, tears and broken areas caused by various impacts including difficult childbirth, drugs, accidents or injuries, environmental toxins, negative attractor patterns and works with all kinds of trauma.

You can’t imagine how capable one is of self-healing by placing one’s hands on the painful or problematic place.

care lahochi light love movement vital force common reiki

Anyone can practice lahochi by following the principle of healing by transmitting light energy from heart to heart. The healing effects of the therapy are limitless. Eliminating a physical ailment or calming a restless mind is within his power. And the good news is that this power is in our own hands.

The key word for us is “unblocking”. It often happens that the energy fields we possess are thrown out of balance by traumatic events. By a simple affixing of the hands, one can succeed in clearing the electrical blockages in the energy body. It is a web-like link between cellular memory and the physical body, so that information can pass freely.

In order to open the body’s 21 energy flows and the chakra system, the practitioner of Lahochi Energy Healing includes the vibrations of color, floral oil essences and sound. It works like psychic acupuncture in the etheric field.

As a result, one is able to achieve the highest states of meditation or consciousness possible for each person in the real moment.

What does a Lahochi session feel like?

reiki lahochi liberation deep relaxation feeling peace feeling calm mind fulfilled

A liberation, a deep relaxation, a feeling of peace, if we have managed to feel them, the mind is calm and fulfilled. To be able to practice Lahochi energy therapy, you must contact a reliable practitioner who alone masters the energy method. After initiation, there are two ways to practice: on yourself or on someone else. In both cases, the result is beneficial. Via the 5 positions of the hands on the head, the torso, the shoulders, the hips and near the heart, one can channel and transmit an unblocking energy.

Being the doctor of yourself and your loved ones, what better!

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Lahochi energy care: why and how to initiate yourself to become the doctor of yourself and your loved ones

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