Meditate to slow the effects of aging on the brain: how to do it?

Meditation has beneficial effects in the management of cognitive and emotional aspects specific to aging. But how to practice?

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Does the practice of meditation have positive effects on the brain and can it slow down aging? It is that have studied, in people over 65a team from Inserm and the University of Caen Normandy as part of the european research program Medit-Ageing.

In conclusion, the Inserm team emphasizesdid not find a significant difference in the volume and functioning of the two brain structures targeted in the study but was able to show a positive effect of meditation on attentional and socio-emotional regulation capacities, which are known to be closely associated with well-being. (…) Mental training targeting stress and attention regulation –
such as mindfulness meditation – has thus proven to be a beneficial tool in the management of the cognitive and emotional aspects specific to aging. “. Analyzes must be continued to determine the impact on the brain but the practice is worth integrating in everyday life.


How to do it ?

Concretely what is meditation? ” Meditation is not about relaxing, emptying your mind, not thinking about anything, sweeps Gael Chetelatresearcher at Inserm, in charge of the study. Meditation is an attentional exercise, a mental training which consists of voluntarily focusing one’s attention and awareness on an object, now and immediately, trying to spot the wanderings of the mind. (on past events, in a projection into the future…) to bring it back to the object of attention. We choose an object, which we call an anchor. It can be breathing, noises in the environment, sensations in our body… »

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Cooking, cleaning…

The researcher advises to start the practice of be accompanied by a qualified teacher so that they can continue on their own. Contrary to popular belief, meditation can be integrated very easily into daily life. ” In a formal way, one can isolate oneself, settle down in a comfortable position to meditate. Informally, we can meditate while cooking, doing housework… paying all our attention to what we are doing. » It can be practiced sitting, standing, walking, lying down. Ten, twenty, thirty minutes, every day, once or several times a week depending on your lifestyle. No injunction except that regularity remains an important point.

>> Get information, find a workshop, a qualified teacher: Association for the development of mindfulness

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Meditate to slow the effects of aging on the brain: how to do it?

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