Perched for an hour 45 meters high in the Triops, they tell their misadventure to Bagatelle

Last Wednesday, at the end of the day, visitors to Parc Bagatelle had a heat stroke that had nothing to do with the weather. They found themselves stuck at 45 meters high after a technical problem on the Triops. The communication department first spoke of a slight incident, it was much more than that.

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This misadventure was first echoed in our paper newspaper. Listening to the communication department, it had only lasted about ten minutes, there had been no panic and everything had ended very well. Listening to direct witnesses, it’s a slightly different story. A visitor also filmed everything because he was present, at the bottom of the Triops, when his son-in-law came on board.

It was a little before 6 p.m., shortly before the park closed. Fans of this thrilling attraction made it to the launch pad without worries, harnessed. This is where they should normally rush off at full speed and chain loops. Problem, the Triops broke down when they found themselves at the top, 45 meters high.

After an hour, deliverance

Five minutes later, a first technician arrived on the site by bicycle, then a second, then 3,4,5,6 “says this witness. The latter climbed to the top of the Triops, using the side ladders, in search of the breakdown. After approximately forty-five minutes, the gondola was able to be lowered at very slow speed. It then took about twenty minutes to manually release each person from their harness. Some did not touch the ground and had to go through stepladders.

Park technicians intervened via the side ladders.
Park technicians intervened via the side ladders.

Throughout the duration of the intervention, the technicians of the park informed the visitors as best they could and also provided them with water.

Some were entitled to free tickets

All the passengers of the attraction did not experience the moment badly but according to certain witnesses, certain young teenagers were frightened and somewhat panicked. A witness is surprised that no firefighter was dispatched to the scene to take care of the most affected people, who had all the same waited an hour, their legs dangling, blocked behind a safety harness. Some were entitled to free tickets to return to Bagatelle.

The Triops is one of Bagatelle’s star attractions. It is closely monitored, with regular maintenance checks. These kinds of incidents happen but are rare. In 2019, the Triops had been closed several times due to breakdowns. The attraction was inaugurated in July 2012.

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Perched for an hour 45 meters high in the Triops, they tell their misadventure to Bagatelle

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