Juan Arbelaez separated from Laury Thilleman – scary warning Maëva Ghennam

Juan Arbelaez, the ex-darling Laury Thilleman, was cited as a possible companion of Carla Moreau, following his break with the father his daughter. But Maëva Ghennam seems to warn him.

The talented chef, currently on vacation in Colombia, his country of origin, indeed circulated when a rumor assured the TV star couple with a former candidate of Top Chef, the culinary competition of M6. Intoxication!

If this noise did not arouse a reaction from Laury Thilleman’s ex-husband, Carla Moreau had made it a point of honor to sweep it away. She claims to be a heart to take, and still deals with the consequences of her celibacy and shared custody of her daughter. And it’s not easy.

And while the attractive blonde tries to get her head out of the water, Maëva Ghennam sends her a message, unearthing the witchcraft case, in a video published during the World Cup final between the France team and the ‘Argentina. Witchcraft was evoked to explain the reassembly, in however reaching the final victory. This could calm the ardor of Juan Arbelaez.

“Sorry guys, I’m not a witch myself. I don’t eat that bread. “, she dropped, in reference to Carla Moreau who would have bought a doll voodoo supposed to harm her friend Maëva.

The “witch” had denied this allegation in an interview with the magazine Public.

“I am able to heal, to bring back the loved one, that’s for sure. Evil is a big word, I don’t make a pact with the devil. I can dismiss a rival, but I will neither kill nor give someone a disease, that does not exist, ”she said, before confirming that she had cast a spell on certain candidates from the “Marseillais”.

“I did the work that my client ordered me,” she said, before mentioning the sale of a voodoo doll from Maëva Ghennam to Carla.

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Juan Arbelaez separated from Laury Thilleman – scary warning Maëva Ghennam

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