Law of attraction: how to attract the positive in your life

Do you want to attract love? Succeed professionally? Saving a little money every month? All this is possible by applying the law of attraction daily. It is based on the principle that your thoughts and emotions are intrinsically linked to reality. Even more, they shape the universe in which you live.

Thus, thinking positive attracts positive… and vice versa! Using the law of attraction therefore means change your way of thinking to bring about what you desire. In the following pages, we explain its main principles and how to put it into practice, with the advice of Slavica Bogdanov, speaker and author of Law of attraction: instructions (Youth editions).

This expression is not new: it appeared jointly with the currents of Positive thought. It was the philosopher William Atkinson who used it for the first time, when he published the book Thought Vibration: The Law of Attraction in the World of Thought. It then experienced a huge resurgence in popularity in 2006, when the best-selling The secret, by Rhonda Byrne, which has since been adapted on Netflix. But concretely, what is it?

“The law of attraction is the principle that we attract to us what we pay attention to”, explains Slavica Bogdanov. It is based on the principle that everything is energy and that like energies attract each other. “Like a magnet that attracts metal to itself, we will attract certain circumstances in our lives, depending on our way of thinking and our emotions”.

This law is universal ; it is at work in our lives, whether we are aware of it or not – just like the law of gravity or the law of relativity. “Everything you think about, everything you say and do, has the result of attracting to you a equivalent consequence”. In other words, what you focus on eventually becomes reality.

For example, when you feel like you are got off on the wrong foot and then the whole day is just a series of disasters, it’s the law of attraction that is at work. Often it starts with a small incident: you stub your toe on the foot of the bed or you spill coffee on your shirt. Then it continues to escalate: you miss your bus, your boss criticizes you, you argue with your spouse… “You woke up with a negative thought and you assumed that the whole day would go wrong. . This therefore led to a snowball effect and you attracted to you, without realizing it, the hazards that followed”, explains the speaker.

Good news: the law of attraction also works in a positive way. “Why not wake up on the right foot every morning? And thus bring about a day of good luck, where everything would go really well?”, asks the expert. “Once you understand the main principles of this universal law, you can learn to use it to your advantage; change the circumstances of your life to attract everything you desire”.

Law of attraction: its 3 fundamental principles

The law of attraction is based on three main principles fundamentals. If these seem very simple, they actually require a great deal of work on oneself to be truly put into practice. It is :

  • ask ;
  • believe ;
  • receive.

Ask the universe what you want

“To ask, one must know exactly what you want”, emphasizes Slavica Bogdanov. Knowing what makes us vibrate, what brings us happiness, and this, in any aspect of our life: work, family, love, money, health… “But most people don’t know what they really want”.

To be able to ask, one must therefore work at know each other better. Ask yourself simple questions: What would be the best thing that could happen to me? What makes me vibrate, me? Regardless of what society wants for me, fear of criticism and judgment, or the potential reaction of my loved ones.

Another observation: “some people do not dare to wish for anything”. Often, it is the fears and the uncertainties that prevent us from making these requests. “In Western countries, we tend to block our imagination, because we don’t see all the possible alternatives to achieve a goal. So, we say to ourselves that the latter is necessarily too big, too inaccessible”, explains the author.

We dare not dream big. Because we don’t know how things are going to happen. Or because nothing proves that we will be able to get there. However, imagining your final goal, visualizing that you have achieved this success, is the first step to achieving it.

Believing that the universe wants us well

The second step is to develop your self-confidence and self-esteem, to be able to believe that you can do and get whatever you want. So you have to believe in yourself first. But also believe that there is something bigger than us, which wants us well. “I love myself enough to know that the universe loves me, him too. And he loves me enough to give me everything I want,” explains the speaker.

Put yourself in a posture of receptivity

Finally, you have to put yourself in a position of openness, of receptivity. However, it is often difficult to receive. Who has never answered: “Oh, it’s nothing, you’re exaggerating”, when someone gives him a compliment? However, “giving cannot exist without receiving”, recalls Slavica Bogdanov. For this, you have to agree to put yourself in a position passive, of non-action, and therefore of vulnerability. Accept to wait for things to happen, rather than being in a perpetual struggle, to stir the wind unnecessarily.

Responsivity is also intrinsically linked to generosity. When we open our arms, we understand that we can give the things we wish to receive (money, love, etc.), since we know that we are going to receive them. . You must also be able to let go : accept that we do not control everything that can happen to us, and that we do not necessarily know all the means that will allow us to obtain what we want. While trusting that, soon, the counterpart will arrive.

Many tools can help to put oneself in a more passive posture, to receive: meditate, take care of oneself, stop to contemplate the beauty of the world around us, keep a notebook of gratitude… On the next page, we will explain more in detail how to apply the law of attraction to your daily life.

How to put it into practice?

According to the law of attraction, thinking positive, being in a good mood, is what will attract positive events in your life. We must therefore ensure that we are in a right mindset as soon as you get out of bed. However, “to start your day on the right foot, you have to end your day on the right foot”, says Slavica Bogdanov.

Keep a gratitude journal

In the evening, before going to bed, do a list of all the positive things that happened to you today, your successes and the wonderful encounters you have had. Even if there is only one positive thing, or it seems small to you, write it down. It could be a colleague who bought you a coffee, your spouse who complimented your outfit, the delicious meal you had for dinner, etc.

The next day, upon awakening, write down all the things you feel grateful for. For example, your health, your children, your pets, your creativity, your logic, the fact that you have a roof over your head, a car to get around, a computer to write… “Instead of you focus on the missing piece of the pie, step back and look at the whole pie”.

Meditate and focus on the positive

To act on the law of attraction, you must also learn to controlling thoughts and emotions, so as to focus more on the positive than on the negative. “Meditate helps enormously because, the more you learn to calm your mind, the more you take back the power of your thoughts”, explains the author.

As soon as you go in the wrong direction, that you have negative thoughts or emotions (stress, frustration, annoyance, nervousness, anger…), do not let them take up too much space and overwhelm you. “Take out your notebook instead and list again all the things for which you feel gratitude today, or all your successes, big or small,” advises Slavica Bogdanov.

You can also simply r choose what you have already written during the previous days, to focus your attention on the positive things that happen to you. “Making a daily list of the positive builds a life buoy more and more voluminous”, explains the expert. “Feel free to keep this list with you, and pull it out whenever a bad thought pops up.” Thus, the latter will soon take off.

Start small…then go big

Letting go and trust in the universe also work. Asking straightaway to have 10 million euros in your bank account, without really believing it, will not work. It is therefore best to start small, for example, by asking someone to buy you a coffee today. This is something for which you don’t have no attachment, you know that if it doesn’t happen, it’s not the end of the world… and so you can let go more easily. As soon as you see your desire manifesting itself, you will gradually gain confidence. Over time, you will get used to letting go, asking, and believing.

“You can get anything you want”

“The law of attraction allows you to get everything you want in your life”, summarizes Slavica Bogdanov. Of course, achieving this presupposes having done a lot of work on yourself, as detailed in the previous pages. First of all you have understand the main principles of the law of attraction: you know what you really want, you dare to ask for it, you trust that the universe will offer it to you and you are in a posture of receptivity.

Then you know it’s a long-term work, to be done every day. To continue to manifest positive things in your life, you must always pay attention to your thoughts, to your vibrational levels. And this, by practicing gratitude, letting go, meditation or breathing, in order to calm and control your emotions.

Positive attracts positive… and negative attracts negative!

“When you become master of your emotions and your thoughts, you become master of his life”, emphasizes the expert. But, as soon as we stop paying attention to it, the negative can reappear… and we can lose what we have obtained. Better not to fall back into your old ways, like complaining, grumbling, talking behind people’s backs, acting in short supply, being jealous, lacking confidence in yourself and in the universe, etc. As a reminder, we attract vibrations similar to those we emit.

Ultimately, we hold the reins of our destiny. By choosing what state of mind we want to be in, what kind of thought we want to entertain, we are building our future. Impossible, therefore, to say that “it’s not my fault” or that “I had nothing to do with it”. According to the law of attraction, everything that happens to us, we ourselves have attracted to us – whether we realize it or not.

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Law of attraction: how to attract the positive in your life

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