What stone to relieve a breakup?

Stones are our allies during the different moments of our lives. In good times as in bad, they have virtues that help us according to the situations that we are led to live. One of the hardships for which we may have a great need of their help is during a sentimental breakup. A feeling of sadness can invade us, wounds become too present or resurface and we can get lost in the flood of thoughts that are not always positive. What stones can help us overcome this ordeal and allow us to bounce back?
Here is a selection that is good to have in your collection and close to you.

Stones that relieve and comfort

We will start with the stones that relieve and comfort when the pain can be significant or when the shock of the break is too much to bear.

  • The stone that is a reference in this area, because it is known to heal heartache, is rose quartz. It is a stone that promotes and strengthens all forms of love but also emotional healing. It helps to overcome despair by infusing calm and inner peace, while bringing sweetness and serenity.
  • Another reference in this field: rhodocrosite. It helps heal broken hearts and sort out emotional issues. It relieves pain from the past and dispels feelings of anxiety and insecurity. It is also a stone that helps heal emotional wounds.
  • Another that brings calm and appeasement: amazonite. It is a stone connected to the emotions that brings happiness and harmony. It helps to find an inner balance and brings comfort. Stone to keep with you for any destabilizing event.
  • Watermelon Tourmaline heals emotional pain and promotes calm and inner peace. With its pink and green colors, it is the perfect ally to rebalance your energies and face the situation as well as possible.
  • In case of stress, anxiety, or if you feel on edge, aquamarine will bring softness, calm and serenity. It also helps to clarify thoughts and facilitates communication.
  • Another stone with complementary virtues to the others, the peridot. It soothes emotional trauma and also promotes understanding of relationships. It chases away sorrow and melancholy. Moreover, it helps to open up to renewal.

Stones that bring energy

  • We start with Sunstone which promotes positive energy by releasing waves of heat and light. Moreover, it reinforces optimism and self-esteem by transforming any negative thought into positive thought. Joie de vivre and good humor are on the agenda with this stone which helps to bounce back after a sentimental disappointment.
  • Smoky quartz can be a very good ally because it is the perfect companion to help face upsetting times. Indeed, it helps to chase away dark thoughts by absorbing all negative energy and increasing the positive energies of the person who wears it.
  • Another interesting stone, unakite. In addition to bringing emotional balance, it helps to improve sleep. Precious help, when you know that it can be upset during these periods of sadness.
  • We end this overview of the stones during a love breakup with aragonite. It is a grounding stone that brings emotional balance, lessens any resentment and soothes anxiety.

It should be noted that to feel the effects of the stones, it is possible to wear them in jewelry in the form of a pendant, bracelet or ring or to have them by your side. To do this, simply place them on the desk, the bedside table to accompany the night or put it in the pocket of the pants, for example, in order to hold the stone in the hand when you feel the need.

In order to make the most of their benefits, it is advisable to surround yourself with the stones that attract you the most. This is a guarantee of a very good connection with.

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What stone to relieve a breakup?

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