Bill on immigration in France: The “neocolonial” behavior of Paris

Among the key proposals of the immigration bill, which is due to be presented in January, is the creation of a special residence permit for health professionals.

This measure, which aims to reduce medical deserts in France, and more generally to deal with the shortage of personnel in health establishments, through the attraction of qualified workers, coincides with the tightening of measures for the expulsion of foreigners.

Article 7 of the said bill provides that this residence permit would be offered to professionals and their families, after authorization from the regional health agency, “as soon as they are recruited by a public or private health establishment in non-profit”. The card in question should be valid for four years if you pass the knowledge verification tests.

neocolonial behavior

You should also know that no less than 5,000 foreign doctors currently practice in France, with different statuses from their French colleagues and above all much lower incomes. A discrimination that does not say its name.

Quoted by Radio France Internationale (RFI), Professor André Grimaldi, one of the signatories of the forum: “Let’s not deprive Africa of its doctors”, believes that “France cannot, once again, plunder the skills scientists and intellectuals of the African continent” and calls on the authorities “to withdraw this bill on immigration”.

Professor Grimaldi does not hesitate to denounce what he qualifies as “neocolonial behavior” of France. “To say we want to import doctors who have been trained in the Sahel or in sub-Saharan Africa, it’s incredible! Everyone seemed to believe, in France, that it is normal that we can welcome migrants, provided that they have skills to bring. With a special status for doctors, for midwives and therefore since we lack them, we are ready to welcome them. These are people who have been trained by their countries and whom we want to recover in France, because we lack doctors, “explains Professor Grimaldi, before asking the question of knowing” and their patients in their countries, who will take care of them? “.

The same speaker from RFI explains that it is an attempt to transfer French medical deserts to countries which are former French colonies. “It’s a quasi-neocolonial behavior”, indignantly the professor who explains that there is cooperation between governments and health systems to train people, help them to build their health system.

The signatory of the forum also denounces the double standard: “To say we are going to promote the arrival in France of skills, so we must also accept the sick. The patients who come from these countries must be able to be treated in France, as long as their doctors are taken. If you take the doctor, you have to take the patient! “. Professor Grimaldi concludes by denouncing a looting worthy of “the colonial era”.

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Bill on immigration in France: The “neocolonial” behavior of Paris

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